Ministry Ark:

Ministry Ark is a place where childrens ministry resources are stored – just as Noah stored the animals in his ark to preserve them for thousands of years to come, so we are storing our resources to make them available for generations to come. These resources include teaching series, single lessons, movie discussions, games, crafts, printables and drama scripts. Ministry Ark is all about making room for you to do the ministry with your children.

We believe that providing top quality resources is important for the kingdom of God to enable you to minister effectively to your children. We are passionate to see children encounter Jesus and grow into a deeper relationship with Him.


Katy Hailes: Kidmin Encourager

Hi there! I’m Katy and I started this website in 2014. I have been involved in children’s and youth ministry for the last 12 years. I have worked in government funded projects and small churches, led small groups at larger children’s conferences and overseen children’s work in camps. I have a BA (hons) Theology degree from the Nazarene Theological College, UK and a Diploma in Youthwork. I also completed the Kidmin Academy course in 2017.  I work full time as the Team leader for 5-11yr olds at Ivy Church Manchester, UK. I love English chocolate and a good cuppa tea, silly dancing like crazy and sitting lazily watching movies.


I believe that anyone involved in kids ministry is on the frontline and so I do my best to encourage anyone reaching out to kids for Christ.

Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re making an eternal impact.

Katy x





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