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Welcome to the affiliate area. Simply sign in and sure you supply us with a PayPal email address for payment purposes. You’ll get your own links and images to share with those you think may be interested in the membership. Affiliates receive a 25% commission (recurring each month your referral remains a member) for any new members you send to us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s where we’ll attempt to answer your questions… and if we can’t, feel free to contact Katy at

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone that refers a product or business to their friends, family and colleagues and receives a commission for doing so. Affiliates are passionate about the product and the results that they have gained and they want others to know so that they can benefit too.

What do affiliates do?

Affiliates take every opportunity to share about the Ministry Ark membership by sharing their own affiliate links. They do this in Facebook groups (where appropriate), via their own social media and through any network links they share such as Childrens Pastor get togethers.

Why be an affiliate?

Ministry Ark membership affiliates can earn money back on their investment into the membership by referring other Childrens Pastors to the membership. The money will be paid to any PayPal account you choose.

What percentage will I be paid?

If someone signs up to the membership after clicking through from your website, and you are the last place to have referred them (ie no other affiliate referred them) this will be your referral and you will gain a 25% referral payout per month for their membership for as long as they are a member of Ministry Ark membership.

How do I get paid?

The PayPal payment email address that you use during the registration process is how you will be paid. Once we have sent you the money via PayPal you will need to accept it in the activity area of your PayPal account. 

How often do I get paid?

We will endeavour to pay you on the 6th of each month. We will notify you before the next payout, if there is a change to this process. You will be paid once you reach the payment threshold of $30.

How do I make referrals?

Upon the completion of your application for affiliate, you can sign into your affiliate area and gain access to your referral links. You can share the images and text with your referral links to gain new members for the membership.

Can I link to any page?

You are free to link to any page by adding your affiliate link at the end. For help doing this and for any images not already provided you can contact Katy on

Where do I find images to share?

You can find images in the ‘Creatives’ tab in your affiliate area. Simply copy and paste the image with the link provided.

Who can I share my affiliate links with?

You can share your links with anyone – however, to make the most of your opportunity you will want to share with other kids ministry leaders and Pastors. Those that make the decision about their kids ministry curriculum. Do you have kids ministry friends? Kids ministry networks? Are you part of kids ministry groups? Share away!

What should I avoid?

Avoid creating your own images or text to share about the membership. We’ll provide you with your own via your creatives tab in your account. Avoid sharing the link out of context. Think about your audience and share away!

How do I check how many referrals I have?

You will be able to view different reports in your affiliate area, including your referrals and how much you have been paid.

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