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Check out this list of the best balloons ever and see how many you can play at your next Childrens Ministry Balloon Night or during your ministry sessions!

  1. Balloon Pop! Players blow up a balloon until it pops! The first to pop their balloon is the winner.
  2. Balloon Stomp. A balloon is blown up and a string attached. Then it is tied to a player’s ankle. Each child with a balloon on their ankle must try and pop the other players balloons whilst defending their own. The winner is the last player with a balloon.
  3. Balloon Pop Relay. Blow up lots of balloons – enough for each team. Players run to a chair and grab a balloon from a bag and put it on their chair. They sit on the balloon and pop it before running back to tag the next player. The winning team is the team to pop all their balloons first.
  4. Balloon Santa. Someone wears a giant Santa costume and everyone else must blow up balloons and fill their Santa with balloons. The winning team is the team to have the biggest Santa!
  5. Balloon Man. Someone puts on giant top and trousers and everyone else must blow up balloons and fill them with balloons. The winning team is the team to have the biggest person!
  6. Sticky Man. Wrap one of your players in tape – with the sticky tape facing outwards. Have teams compete to blow up balloons and stick as many as possible to their teammate. The team that has the person with the most balloons stuck to them at the end is the winning team.
  7. Hair Raising! Players compete in a relay to rub a balloon against their hair and stick it to the wall. The team with the most balloons on the wall at the end of the game is the winning team.
  8. Balloon Volleyball. Set up a net or line across the room. Then encourage teams to attempt to hit the balloon into the other team’s area floor. The team that gets the most hits on their opponent’s floor is the winning team.

Best Balloon Games Ever! Relay Races:

  1. Waddle Relay: Players put balloons under their armpits and in between their legs as they run to the end line and back to tag the next person. The winning team is the team that has each player do it all first.
  2. Stick Together Relay (Balloon Caterpillars): Teams place a balloon between each player (between their backs and chests) and must keep the line altogether as they go to the end point and back. The team to do this without breaking the line is the winning team.

Creative Balloon Games:

  1. Balloon Chair. Teams compete to make a balloon chair out of balloons and saran wrap (cellophane). The team with the most creative (or effective – if you dare sit in it!) chair is the winning team.
  2. Balloon Drop. Simply use a net to drop a ton of balloons down to the ground and encourage your kids to pop as many as they can. If you’re feeling daring, try hiding some stars or pieces of paper to indicate winners who can win a prize!
  3. Balloon Modeling Competition. Demonstrate how to make a balloon dog and then have children compete to see who can make the best one.
  4. Human Hippos. Ever played the board game hungry hippos? Well, now you can play the real life game!
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