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Are you looking for the best books of the Bible songs? Using some of the best books of the bible songs is an excellent way to teach children the names of all the books. There are so many to remember! 66 in total.  A song helps children to place the books and is a useful tool when needing to find a book. Even now, many adults, years after learning a books of the bible song as a child, hum the song to find a particular book! (I know I do, so I’m sure there are many more… or at least I hope!)

We’ve collected a list of the ones that we think are the best. We’ve added them to this list if they are clear and easy to understand, if they have a great rhythm, a catchy tune and all the books of the Bible within the song. The list isn’t rated or put in order of which we think is the best, but feel free to comment on your favorite in the comments! Here goes…

  1. ‘Bible Book Bop’ by Go Fish Guys
  2.  ‘Books of the Bible’ by Readeez
  3.  ‘Bible Train’ by Calvary Church
  4.  ‘Books of the Bible’ by
  5. ‘Books of the Bible’ by Worship Films
  6. ‘Books of the Bible Rap’ by Rob Biagi


Katy Hailes works as the team leader for 5-11s at Ivy Church, Manchester, England. She loves Jesus and enjoys dancing like crazy and eating chocolate.
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