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“Sometimes hope is hiding in the darkness. Sometimes it’s hard to see. But it’s always there.”

Book Review: Little Mole Finds Hope by Glenys NellistWhen Glenys Nellist asked for reviewers for her latest book; ‘Little Mole Finds Hope’, I knew I had to offer to help get the word out. I’m a big fan of her books, having just bought ‘God Made Daddy Special’ and using her ”Twas the Evening of Christmas’ for one of our nativities.

Glenys has a beautiful way of bringing alive the Word of God and using simple rhyme to help children learn. Being an amateur poet myself (you can read some of my poems here), I absolutely love her work!

Book Review: Little Mole Finds Hope by Glenys Nellist

Little Mole is beautifully illustrated by Sally Garland and features the cutest Little Mole who is feeling sad. His mother encourages him to go in search of hope as she journeys with him to find it. He sees bulbs that will one day be delicate flowers, bare trees that will soon be full, and chrysalises that, in time, will become graceful butterflies. As Little Mole imagines all these things, hope comes alive and he declares;

‘Now I know that there’s always hope, even in the darkest place.'”

Book Review: Little Mole Finds Hope by Glenys NellistWhat an amazing truth for a child to remember; that no matter what they walk through or where they go, no matter how dark the road gets, there is always hope. Perhaps if we helped more children to understand this truth, we would not see so many people fall into hopelessness later in life. This powerful message is one that needs to be read time and time again.

‘Little Mole Finds Hope’ is a joy filled book for any child or adult that is feeling hopeless or sad. The illustrations beautifully express the difference between the dark sadness of living without hope, and the bright hope of tomorrow. It will brighten your day and give you hope for tomorrow.

Parents and ‘Little Mole Finds Hope’:

Possibly my favourite part of the book is the fact that it has a discussion guide at the end. This book will help parents and children have deep and meaningful conversations about hope that will impact them for years. Glenys provides parents with tips to help their child when feeling sad. She encourages them to share their own stories of how they have found hope.

Childrens Ministries and ‘Little Mole Finds Hope’:

Book Review: Little Mole Finds Hope by Glenys NellistIn ‘Little Mole Finds Hope’ Glenys has taken a cute cuddly character and transformed him into a tool for hope. I only wish we had had it for our own kids ministry last year when our church went through our ‘Year of Hope’. This book would be perfect to run alongside our members only curriculum ‘God of Hope’ and would especially help younger children (age 6 and below). If you’re a kids pastor you will want to make sure this book is on your bookshelf. You’ll also want to recommend it to the parents in your church.

I look forward to buying this book to read to my son and to teach him about hope as he grows.

You can click on the link to purchase: Little Mole Finds Hope (Please note: we receive a small commission for Amazon sales connected to this site)

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