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Looking for a fun idea for an Inside Out party? Wanting to point your children to the wonders of Joy? Look no further! This fun and easy craft will have all your children jumping for joy!

The character of Joy from Inside Out is also a useful character to point children to when speaking of the joy found in Jesus. If you would like to use this as part of a lesson on joy why not check out our lesson ‘Joy in My Attitude’ based on the book of Jonah.

Creating the Joy: Inside Out Character Balloon

To make the Joy: Inside Out character balloon all you need is paper, a blue napkin (blue paper or card would work too), a yellow balloon, scissors, tape and a pink and black marker.

The Hair: 

1. Blow up your balloon and tie the knot. Measure the width of your balloon. Draw and then cut out the shape of Joy’s hair to match that width.

The Eyes:

2. Draw two large eyes out on to white paper and cut them out. Color or cut out blue circles for the inside part of the eyes, then color the pupils black.

The Mouth:

3. Draw a large mouth onto white paper, color the lips pink and inside the mouth black, leaving her teeth white. Then cut the mouth shape out.

To Finish:

4. Loop some tape to make it double sided, then stick it to each item and each item then onto the balloon.


We hope you enjoy making the Joy: Inside Out character balloon!


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