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The ‘What’s in My Heart?’ craft can be used to supplement your lesson on Samuel anointing David as king or on how God looks at the heart and not our appearance. It could also be used in any lesson that speaks about the heart.

How to Create the ‘What’s inside my heart?’ craft:

1. With your paper in landscape view, fold the sides of your page into the center of the page, creating three parts.

2. Fold the whole page in half – lightly so that the crease is not too deep.

3. From the centre of the page, measure and mark a few centimeters from the top of the page then cut the two edges of the heart to meet into the middle where your mark was made.

4. At the bottom of the page use scissors to cut the point of the heart to meet into the middle of the bottom edge.

5. Cut four slips of white paper and stick them with glue to the front of your heart (as pictured).

6. Open up your heart and write down or draw all the good things that you have in your heart, or that you would want God to see.

inside my heart craft

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