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You will need at least 6 people in this drama: a shepherd, Zipporah and one of her sisters, Moses, Jethro and the narrator.

[To make this scene more fun you could make a well and have everyone dressed in biblical looking clothes.]

Narrator: Moses was sitting by a well when seven daughters of the Priest of Midian came along and drew water and filled the troughs to water their father’s flock. Just then a number of shepherds came and drove them away.

[Shepherds come on stage and try to drive the women away. Moses stands in front of them and drives the shepherds away.]

Moses protected the women and watered their flock. When they came to their father Jethro, he said:

[Women walk to Jethro, who is stage left. Moses leaves the stage.]

Jethro: How come you’ve come back so early today?

Women: An Egyptian protected us from a bunch of shepherds. He drew water for us and watered our flock.

Narrator: Then Jethro said to his daughters:

Jethro: Where is this man? Why have you left him? Ask him to eat with us!

[The girls go and find Moses and bring him to the center stage where they all sit down together.]

Narrator: So Moses stayed with Jethro and made his home with Jethro’s family.

[Moses and Zipporah stand up and pretend to get married, hand in hand with lots of celebrations!]

Jethro gave his daughter  Zipporah to Moses, to be his wife. She had a son, and Moses named him Gershom.

[Scene ends with Zipporah and Moses together, with a doll or baby in Zipporah’s hands.]

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