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You will need two people to play the different characters. 1 should be the more sensible character, whilst 2 adds some of the comic factor.



1: Okay, we’re going to tell a story. Are you ready?

2: As ready as I’ll ever be!

1: Well, here goes. This is the story of Peter’s Pickles. Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples, was forever getting himself into pickles.

2: Ooo that must have been prickly and a bit stinky.

1: What?

2: Well, pickles, [pulls out a can of pickles, opens it and smells it] you know they taste good, but they stink!

1: A pickle is a problem, I don’t mean the food!

2: What a shame! They taste so good!

1: Sorry about that. When Jesus was walking on water he called out to Peter, without thinking he jumped out of the boat. He started to walk, but then

2: A shark ate him?

1: Pardon?

2: Well, you know, that could have happened. A shark could have eaten him.

1: No, it was a lake. There weren’t any sharks around.

2: Well, I can’t see how he could have had a pickle then.

1: [frustrated] He was walking on the water when he started to fall and Jesus had to pick him up.

2: Well, I guess drowning is a pickle too.

1: Another time Jesus told Peter that soon he was going to die. So Peter told Jesus it wasn’t true.

2: That’s not a problem!

1: Well, Jesus said “Get behind me Satan!” because he knew he needed to die for all people.

2: Ouch! That had to hurt! Being used by Satan is the worst!

1: Yes, Peter was used to getting himself in prickly situations.

2: Like running through thorns?

1: No, like the time Jesus told him he was going to deny him 3 times before the cockerel crowed.

2: Jesus was one of Peter’s closest friends. He’d never do that!

1: That’s what Peter thought too! But when he was asked 3 different times if he knew Jesus, Peter said no. Then the cockerel crowed.

2: Yikes! That is a pickle. I mean, if someone did that to me. I’d have to splat them or something! [2 takes a pie and splats it in 1’s face.]

1: What did you do that for?

2: I’m sorry, I just got too into the story!

1: [wipes the pie off their face] Well, Jesus didn’t do anything. He was killed.

2: Talk about pickles!

1: He rose again three days later! And when he did, he soon went to visit Peter and the other disciples. When they saw him Peter was the first to jump out of the boat to Jesus. Jesus cooked them a meal and then he turned  to Peter and asked

2: Peter why were you so dumb? How could you do this to me?

1: No. That’s not what he said at all. He said Peter, do you love me?

2: That’s a funny question.

1: That’s what Peter thought. But he answered it anyway. THREE TIMES.

2: Jesus asked Peter if he loved him three times?

1: Yeah. Just as Peter denied Jesus three times he then told Jesus he loved him three times too.

2: So Peter didn’t have any pickles anymore?

1: Oh, I’m sure Peter had lots of problems – he helped to start the church. Yet Jesus forgave Peter. And Peter knew that Jesus would always be there to help him get out of his pickles. The end.

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