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This drama goes hand in hand with week 3 of the ‘Sweet!’ teaching series.

You will need 5 people to play Jesus, Devil and Narrator John the Baptist and an angel. You will also need two sets of two chairs and large stones.

Narrator: Have you ever wondered how Jesus overcame temptation? Well, in the Bible we learn how! After Jesus had been baptized in the river by John the Baptist, the Spirit led Jesus into the desert.

[Have someone play John the Baptist and pretend to dip Jesus into the river. Then Jesus should center stage and walking around.]

Narrator: There he would be tempted by the devil.

[Devil enters onto the stage and follows Jesus as he mimes his tummy rumbling and being hungry.]

Narrator: Jesus didn’t eat for forty days and forty nights because he was fasting. He was so hungry. The tempter, the devil, came to Jesus and said:

Devil: [Devil points to a pile of stones on the stage.] If you are really the Son of God, then tell these stones to become bread.

Narrator: The devil knew that Jesus was very hungry. Some bread would make his body feel better.  But Jesus answered him:

Jesus: It is written that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word from God.

Narrator: So the devil took Jesus to the holy city and Jesus was stood at the highest point of the temple.

[The devil and Jesus should go to the highest part of your stage or stand on two chairs together]

Devil: If you are really the Son of God, then throw yourself down! It is written that he will command his angels to life you up in their hands so that you don’t even strike your foot against a stone!

Narrator: The devil knew what was written in God’s Law, so he was using it against Jesus; tempting him to test God. Would God really rescue him if he were about to die? But Jesus answered:

Jesus: It is also written: Do not test the Lord your God.

Narrator: You would think that the devil would be finished with his tempting. But he wasn’t finished yet. He took Jesus to a very high mountain.

[The devil and Jesus should go to another set of two chairs together and stand on them.]

Narrator: He showed Jesus all the rich kingdoms and everything they had to offer. The devil boasted:

Devil: All this I will give you… if you will only bow down and worship me!

Narrator: Would Jesus do it? What do you think? [wait for crowd response] Let’s watch as we wait and see…

Jesus: Away from me Satan! For it is written: worship the Lord your God and serve Him only!

Narrator: Wahey! [celebrate] Jesus had won the day. He wasn’t tempted by the devil’s lies. He knew God’s Word and he stuck with them. The devil left him [devil leaves the stage] and angels [angel/s enter stage and sit by Jesus’ feet] came by his side. So if you’re ever wondering how Jesus overcame temptation, just remember that he knew God’s Word. The question is, do you?


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