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If you’re hoping to celebrate Fathers Day with your children in your kids ministry these games might come in handy! It’s always fun to use games as a way to explore a deeper topic. Fathers Day is a perfect opportunity to think about what it means to have a Father God. Some children may not know or experience an earthly father, yet all children can know the presence of their Father God. Each child can know that they are loved by the best Father – their Heavenly Father.

It’s worth beginning to talk to the children about their Father God before you play the games, especially if you know any children that might be sensitive about this subject.


You will need: blindfolds (could also use scarves), the tie (letter size and a3) and father printables (letter size and a3), a way of sticking the father printable to a wall and some double sided sticky tape to stick to the back of the tie printables.

How to Play: Print off the tie and father printables. Have children take turns to stick a tie on the father whilst blindfolded. Who can get the tie in the best place? The winner is the child that does this the most successfully. For large groups you can print off multiple printables and play in smaller groups.

2. Messy and more prep game: SPAGHETTI DAD

You will need: some cooked spaghetti, red or black food coloring, bowls, tables, father face pictures and optionally a laminator with laminated pouches.

Preparation: laminate the father pictures. Cook the spaghetti, get rid of the water and add food coloring, Place the spaghetti somewhere where it can dry out a little.  Cut the spaghetti into smaller parts and distribute into bowls for each contestant. Place a bowl and father printable in place for each player. To make it even more messy place the table further away from the father printable so that players will need to race between areas to place the spaghetti on the father’s face.

How to Play: Children are given a bowl full of died spaghetti and they must make a beard and moustache and hair for the dad in the picture as fast as they can. The children must compete to decorate the dad. You can play just for fun or have some of the children vote on which decorated dad looks the best.

3. Quick and Easy game: CHANGE THE BABY

You will need: diapers (nappies) and dolls or teddy.

How to Play: Help children to explore the idea that God is the Father that looks after his children, by encouraging the children to change the baby’s (doll or teddy’s) diaper (nappy). The child that does it the fastest is the winner. Alternatively, and for a more difficult challenge, have the children try and change the baby with one hand behind their back!

4. Messy, Messy, Messy game: SHAVE THE BALLOON

You will need: razors, balloons, water in a tub (to wash the razor when needed) and protective wear or sheets.

How to Play: This game is only appropriate for older kids as they will need to hold and use a razor. Cover the balloons with shaving foam. Children must compete to shave a balloon without popping it. Children can dip their razor in between use to avoid the razor becoming stuck with shaving foam or blunt. The first child to complete the game, or to shave the most of the balloon without popping it, is the winner.

Note: Make sure you have lots of protective clothes and cover for the floor!

5. Easy problem solving game: FATHERS DAY PUZZLE RACE

You will need: the Father Day puzzle printable.

Preparation: Print off the number of fathers day printables that you need and cut up the pieces.

How to Play: Children compete on their own or in teams to finish the fathers day puzzle first. The winner is the one/team to complete it the fastest.


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