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Number of Players: 6 or more

Age of Players: 8 and above

You will need: 2 spoons and 1 balloon for each of your teams

Preparation: Make sure you have enough balloons and spoons for each team and then hand them out to the teams.

How to Play:

This relay begins with the first player in each team holding their spoons and balloons. Using the two spoons they must keep the balloon off the ground by tapping it from side to side. They cannot simply hold the balloon with the spoons – there must be activity with it. The players should make their way to the end of the room and back to tag the next person.

VARIATION: To make the relay more interesting have the players go around chairs, tables or cones.

Click here for the '2 Spoons and a Balloon' game Powerpoint image

Click here for the ‘2 Spoons and a Balloon’ game Powerpoint image


BALANCE: Did you find it really easy balancing the balloon in the ‘2 Spoons and a Balloon’ game? (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)


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