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Number of Players: 3 or more

Age of Players: 5 and above

You will need: No equipment needed.

Prep: No prep needed.

How to Play: 
Make sure you have lots of room for this game. One person is ‘on’ and chases everyone else. When they have tagged somebody, that player lays down with their hands and feet stuck in the air, like a dead ant. For a dead to come back to life four players must each touch a leg or arm. If a player becomes a dead ant three times then they are also ‘on’ and must chase everyone. This game can get a little crazy as everyone chases each other and players don’t know who they are running from!


Click here for the 'Ant Tag' game Powerpoint image

Click here for the ‘Ant Tag’ game Powerpoint image


DEATH: The ‘Ant Tag’ game is a reminder that everything dies. It’s not very nice to think about, is it? But the truth is, death happens to us all. The main thing is, where will we go when we die? That’s why it is important to share with others the love of Jesus – and to know him for ourselves!

ENTHUSIASM and WORKING HARD: The ‘Ant Tag’ game shows us that it is important to work hard and when we work to work with enthusiasm! Ants are incredible insects that work hard to make their homes and move things around. They don’t seem to complain or get fed up, they work with enthusiasm to get the job done!

PERSEVERANCE:  The ‘Ant Tag’ game is a funny reminder of how ants never give up! If you have ever watched ants move things from one place to another you will be amazed at how they keep on going. We are called to persevere too – to keep going with Jesus even when things get tough and we are tempted to give up!

TEAMWORK: Was it easy to work together in the ‘Ant Tag’ game? Ants are fantastic insects for working together to get a job done. They each play their part until they have done what they set out to do.

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