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Age of players: 3 and above

Number of players: 2 – 99

You will need: Large open space, baskets and lots of small balls.

How to Play: 

Have a basket in the centre of the room. Have children stand in different corners of the room (for older children they should stand further away and smaller children should come closer). Each child or team should be represented by a different color ball/s. Have children throw the balls into the basket. The child/team with the most balls in the basket is the winner.

Alternatively – use colored baskets or buckets for the children to throw into according to their team.

Click here for the 'Basket Toss' Powerpoint image.

Click here for the ‘Basket Toss’ Powerpoint image.


MISSING THE MARK: How many balls did you manage to get into the bucket? It’s difficult sometimes to get them in! Maybe you missed the bucket a couple of times… well, the bible talks about how we can miss the mark in a different way too…

FOCUS ON JESUS: Each time you threw your ball in the Basket Toss game you needed to focus on the basket. You probably didn’t take your eyes off it! That’s exactly what we want to be like in our life with Jesus – we want to keep our focus on him!

DRIVE AND AMBITION: Just as you wanted to get all your balls into the basket, sometimes we have things that we want to do in life.

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