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Number of Players:
5 or more

Age of Players: 5 and above

Say: Ok everyone, today we’re going to see how well you can play the hero in our ‘Capture the Villain’ game. Do we have any heroes here?! Brilliant!

Prep: You will need a hula hoop, candy and a large space.

How to Play:

An adult volunteer acts as the villain. The little superheroes each chase the villain and try to catch him with their lightening ring (hula hoop). When one lassoes the villain he throws out candy for his release. The game continues until all the candy is gone.

This game can be found on the Queen of Theme Party Games website with more fantastic superhero games too!

Click here for your free 'Capture the Villain' Powerpoint image.

Click here for your free ‘Capture the Villain’ Powerpoint image.


1. HEROES AND VILLAINS: In this game we had a villain that you needed to capture… making you all the heroes! There are many different heroes and villains in the bible…

2. PUNISHMENT/CONSEQUENCES FOR SIN:  Well, our villain in that game had to be punished or face the consequences for the wrong that he had done. We had to capture him so that he could not escape. He had to face the consequences for what he had done, he might have even been punished for it if he needed to be!

3.  CAPTURING EVERY THOUGHT: Just like we captured the villain in that game the bible teaches us that we need to capture every thought and test it against what God thinks. (2 Corinthians 10:5) Some good questions to ask about a thought are: Is it good? Is it right? Is it true?


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