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Number of Players: 1 – 8

Age of Players: 8 and above

You will need: A dollar bill

Prep: No prep – just make sure you have the dollar to hand!

How to Play: 

Place your dollar on the floor and ask the players to come and jump over it. Let them know that anyone that jumps over the dollar can keep it. When you have your volunteers explain that there is only one catch. They must do it with their hands on their ankles!

You will find that the game is pretty much impossible to win – unless a clever contestant does it by jumping backwards! [this has been done before!]

Click here for the Dollar Jump Powerpoint image

Click here for the Dollar Jump Powerpoint image



DECEPTION: Did you feel deceived when you found out that it wasn’t really possible to jump over the dollar in the ‘Dollar Jump’ game? (James 1:22, Colossians 3:9, Judges 16:4-20, Luke 6:31)

DISAPPOINTMENT: Was it disappointing to find out that the ‘Dollar Jump’ game was pretty much impossible? How do you tend to deal with disappointment?

GREED: The ‘Dollar Jump’ game is a reminder that some of us will do anything for more money. We can become very greedy with money…. we want more and more and we don’t want to share it. Yet what if we decided to start giving it away? That’s exactly what the bible suggests!

MONEY, TREASURES and POSSESSIONS: It’s funny what we will do for money isn’t it?! The bible talks a lot about money, in fact, many of Jesus’ parables were about money! People want more money so that they can store up more possessions or treasures for themselves. Yet God warns us against loving money and taking it to heart. (1 Timothy 6:10)

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