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Number of Players: 2-4

Age of Players: 8 and above

You will need: grapes, measuring jugs, tubs, towels

Prep: Break up a cluster of grapes for each tub until you only have the single grapes in each of them.

How to Play:

Each player stands next to their tub of grapes. When the leader shouts ‘Go!’ the players safely get into the tub and start stomping on the grapes – smashing all the grapes up to make juice. At the end of the game the winning player is the player that has made the most juice when it is measured in each measuring jug.

Note: Extra care should be taken after the game to make sure nobody slips and hurts themselves.

Click here for the 'Grape Smash' game Powerpoint image

Click here for the ‘Grape Smash’ game Powerpoint image


PRESSURE: Did you see how much pressure was put on the grapes to crush them? Pressure can come in many forms in our own lives too; peer pressure, pressure from home or school.

PROBLEMS: Just like the grapes felt the pressure from the feet of our players, our problems can sometimes feel like they are putting pressure on us. Maybe your problems feel like they are crashing down on us.

THE TRUE VINE: The grapes in the ‘Grape Smash’ game all came from a vine. Jesus said ‘I am the true vine.’ (John 15:1)

THE VINEYARD: Once upon a time the grapes that we have just stomped were part of a vineyard. That’s where grapes come from! The bible talks about the people of Israel as God’s vineyard… (Isaiah 5:7)

TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS: Those grapes in our ‘Grape Smash’ game really got crushed didn’t they?! Maybe you have felt like those grapes… perhaps you have been through some trials and tribulations that have caused you to feel crushed too.

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