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Number of Players: 2 or more

You will Need:

How to Play:

Ultimately the Hacky Sack game is all about how long you can keep the small ball off the ground. Whether playing as an upfront game going up against other contestants, or working within a group the child/ren’s only aim is to keep the ball from touching the floor. Each time the ball is kicked back into the air a point is given. The moment they miss the ball  and it touches the floor the children must start counting from the beginning again (or it may be the end of the game, depending on your own rules).

Children can even play Hacky Sack in teams against one another. The team that gains the most amount of points by kicking the ball back into the air is the winning team.

For a deeper more in-depth understanding of the game click here.

Click here for the 'Hacky Sack' Game Powerpoint image

Click here for the ‘Hacky Sack’ Game Powerpoint image


Click here for the widescreen 'Hacky Sack' Game Powerpoint image

Click here for the widescreen ‘Hacky Sack’ Game Powerpoint image



PERSISTENCE/NOT GIVING UP: In the ‘Hacky Sack’ game the contestants could not stop or give up but had to be persistent in order to keep the ball in the air. The moment we give up is the moment we may miss out on achieving or seeing something great. Keep believing that God will give you the breakthrough if you are persistent.

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