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You Will Need: a tray and lots of small objects that you can find around your house. You will also need some kind of cloth or fabric to cover the tray.

Number of Players: 2 or more

How to Play:

Put items on a tray and have children memorize what is on the tray. Then hide the tray under a sheet and take an item away. Unveil the tray and ask children to work out what is missing from the tray. The first child to guess the answer is the winner.



  1. Technological Version for Larger Groups: Take photos of a tray with all the items laid on it. Then take photos of each item removed, but with all the remaining items in the same place. Show each of the photos in turn and and ask the children to guess what is missing. After each photo is shown show the original photo so that the children can see if they were correct.


Click here for the ‘Memory Tray’ PowerPoint image

Click here for the ‘Memory Tray’ widescreen image

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