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Number of Players: 2-4

Age of Players: 8 and above

You will need: latex gloves, milk, measuring jugs ad large tubs

Preparation: Make sure you put mini holes into the ends of the fingers of the latex gloves so that when the glove is squeezed the milk will be able to come out. Without making these holes your game will be a complete flop!

How to Play:

Have you ever milked a cow? If you have, then perhaps you will have a headstart in this game! Players are given a latex glove filled with milk and must try and ‘milk’ the glove by squeezing the fingers whilst they hold the glove with their other hand. The milk is caught in a jug as it is milked. At the end of the game, the player with the most milk in the measuring jug is the winner.


Click here for the 'Milk the Latex Glove' game Powerpoint image

Click here for the ‘Milk the Latex Glove’ game Powerpoint image


PROBLEMS and TRIALS: The whole point of that game was to squeeze as much milk out of the latex glove as possible. Sometimes we go through tough times, trials and problems that feel like they are pressing down on us; squeezing the life out of us. It is in those times that we really find out what is in our hearts. Why? Because just like the milk that was inside the glove just had to come out when it was squeezed, so whatever is in our hearts, when our lives are ‘squeezed’ through tough times, that is what is going to come out in our lives.

WORDS and ACTIONS: That milking was pretty funny, wasn’t it?! It was pretty messy too, right?! That can kind of be like our words and actions too, sometimes when we go through tough times our words and actions don’t reflect the best of us and they can make a mess of our friendships. We need to ask God to help us in those times, so that we don’t make a big mess!



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