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Number of Players: 4 or more

Age of Players: 7 and above

What You will Need: the Obey or Run Away signs, you can also use the projector question slides (1), (2), (3), (4), (5),

Prep: Print off the Obey or Run Away signs and fold one for each player.

How to Play:

Each player is given a copy of the ‘Obey or Run Away?’ game sign [folded in half so that there is one option on each side]. Scenarios should be set forward as questions to the players. Players must decide whether they should obey or run away from the scenario by showing the sign the correct way to answer the question.

You can find some scenarios on the projector question slides, and check some out below:

  1. Your friend starts talking back to the teacher in a rude way. They tell you to do the same.
  2. Your grandparent asks you to take out the trash for them.
  3. Your big sister tells you to go and get some food from the kitchen, but you know you’re not allowed.
  4. Your friends think its funny to graffiti the next door neighbor’s wall. They tell you to join in.
  5. The school bully starts taking your allowance and tells you not to tell anyone or they will hurt you.

Make up some of your own scenarios [using the blank slide below] and have fun discussing your answers! To keep the same feel throughout your slides, use the Luckiest Guy font.



Click here for the 'Obey or Run Away?' powerpoint title image

Click here for the ‘Obey or Run Away?’ powerpoint title image



Click here for the 'Obey or Run Away? blank slide

Click here for the ‘Obey or Run Away? blank slide


DISOBEDIENCE: The bible has a lot to say about us obeying God and so disobedience is not something we want to encourage. However, there are some situations where we need to run away and not obey the people that are asking the wrong things of us. We need to make sure that the things that we say and do always line up with what the bible says we should say and do.

OBEDIENCE: God wants us to obey Him! Why? Because He wants the best for us and has the best plans. Besides, He sent Jesus to die for us because He loves us that much! He asks us to obey Him as a way that we can show Him our love for Him!


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