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Number of Players:
4 or more

Age of Players: 5 and above

Say: Oh dear superheroes, I’m afraid we have some kryptonite in the room! Are you ready to face your fears to win this crazy ‘Pass the Kryptonite’ game?

How to Play:

Paint a rock green (or have another green object). Have the children sit in a circle. As the children pass the kryptonite have some superhero music playing in the background. When the music stops, whoever is holding the kryptonite is out. The last person left in the circle is the superhero of the game.

This game can be found on the Queen of Theme Parties Game website with even more superhero games!

 pass the kryptonite


1. STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS: Kryptonite makes superheroes strength disappear so that they become weak.  The bible talks a lot about strength and weakness…

2. FEAR: Kryptonite can make Superman lose his superpower so that he can be killed. Do you think a Superman would fear the kryptonite? Well, the bible tells us that we don’t need to fear anything…

3. POWER: When Superman goes near kryptonite he loses his power. Did you know that nothing can make our Father God lose His power?

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