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Number of Players: 2

You Will Need: 2 pool noodles, masking tape for the floor.

How to Play:

Tape two parallel squares on the floor about a metre apart. Place a pool noodle in each contestants hand. The contestants must stand in the square and battle it out until one person steps out of the square or falls.

Click here for the 'Pool Noodle Wars' Game Powerpoint image

Click here for the ‘Pool Noodle Wars’ Game Powerpoint image

Click here for the widescreen 'Pool Noodle Wars' game Powerpoint image

Click here for the widescreen ‘Pool Noodle Wars’ game Powerpoint image


CONFLICT: The ‘Pool Noodle Wars’ game reminds us that conflict can come in all shapes and sizes. Conflict is a clash between two or more people or groups or even countries. It comes when there is a disagreement. How we deal with conflict in our lives is very important. Jesus spoke about this by saying that we must first speak to a person about our disagreement. If they don’t listen then we should take people with us and try and help them understand the situation. Failing this, we should go to someone that can oversee the problem properly.

DISUNITY: The ‘Pool Noodle Wars’ game shows us what happens when there is disunity between people. Disunity is when there are differences of opinion and disagreements and everyone wants their own way. It is nothing like God’s character because God has perfect unity within Himself. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit have perfect unity. God wants His Church to have that same unity too.

WAR: The ‘Pool Noodle Wars’ game is all about war – it’s even in the title of the game! War happens when countries have disagreements that they cannot sort out. They start fighting and many people are hurt. That’s what happens in war. Unfortunately, although history will say there is a winner, in fact, nobody wins because people always get hurt. Yet sometimes, good things can even come out of war. That is God’s grace to us, that He would bring good from something so terrible…

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