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What You will Need: sticky tack, paper and printer to print out any images you want to use.

How to Play:

Choose an image to print out and place around the room. The image should be something associated with the lesson you are teaching; i.e. pigs could be used for the Prodigal Son story or coins for the Lost Coin. Place the printed out images around the room by sticking them with tape or sticky tack. You can put them on walls or under tables and chairs. The images will need to be reachable for the children to grab them.

You can find some of our images of animals for this game here.

Then allow the children to work in teams or on their own as individuals to find as many of the images as they can. In an upfront game you can make it harder by asking players to compete by grabbing on image at a time and returning to the front of the room to bring the image back each time.


This game can be used for any theme as long as you have an appropriate image to stick on the walls.


Click here for the 'Run Around the Room' Powerpoint image

Click here for the ‘Run Around the Room’ Powerpoint image


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