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Number of Players: 2-4

You will need: a fidget spinner per person

If you want to show the kids you know how to be a fidget spinner pro, why not learn some fidget spinner tricks to show your stuff! This YouTube video will help you begin.

How to Play:

Each child is given a fidget spinner. They are then spun around 10 times; at the same time. [If your kids are great at fidget spinning then you could even blindfold them!] Then each child must spin the fidget spinner as fast as they can for 5 seconds until the leader says stop. The winner is the person whose fidget spinner stops last.


1: Encourage the children to sit down after being spun and must put the fidget spinner on their knee before they spin it.

2: Have your children put the fidget spinner on their nose as they spin it.

3: Kids are soaked with a water gun and pelted with soft balls whilst trying to spin their figet spinner.

Fidget spinner game

Click here for the free ‘You Spin Me Round’ Fidget spinner game Powerpoint image


DIFFICULT SITUATIONS: Sometimes we may feel in a daze in life, like the world is spinning around. Perhaps we have been through a tough time. Yet God will be with us until the end. He will never leave us.

TRINITY: Just as one fidget spinner has 3 sides, so God is three persons in one : God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

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