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Number of Players: 2-4

Age of Players: 5 and above

You will need: 2-4 Wet Heads hats, water, chairs or a place to sit, plastic sheeting to go on the floor, optional Powerpoint image, optional postcards that you can print the questions on the back of. You will also need 2-4 very willing volunteers (we suggest adult volunteers for this game).

Say: It’s time for someone to get Wet! But who is it going to be?!

Prep: You will need to fill the Wet Heads with water, making sure that the pegs and the container of water are properly secured. You will also need 2-4 chairs set out in a line, and a selection of (around 30 questions) about the lesson (or series of lessons) you have just taught.


How to Play:

Choose 2-4 children to be the players for this game. We suggest using a question to choose your volunteers, such as if they can remember your memory verse for the day. Wet Heads can be a very popular game if it is well played and encouraged by your team!

Once your children are chosen, they stand behind the chairs. Each child then has a turn at choosing a volunteer/leader that they would like to get wet! The volunteers/leaders sit in the chairs and you, or one of your team puts the helmets on each of their heads. As the suspense brews tell the children that they must answer a question in turn about the lesson that you have just taught.

Once a child answers a question correctly they can spin the container on the top of the hat and pull a peg from the helmet. Only one peg will release water from the hat onto the leader/volunteer’s head. Go along the line asking each player a question until someone gets wet! If it is a quick game (with roulette you never know) you can keep going until more of the volunteers/leaders are wet!


You can buy the Wet Heads game here:


Click here for the 'Wet Heads' Powerpoint image

Click here for the ‘Wet Heads’ Powerpoint image

wet heads postcards low res

Click here for the ‘Wet Heads’ question postcards  


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