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Number of Players: 2 or more

Age of Players: 7 and above

You will need: a way pf projecting or showing the images in a presentation.


Oh is the main character in the movie animation ‘Home’. This game is perfect to play at a ‘Home’ themed event, VBS or party.

How to Play:

The ‘Where is Oh?’ game is incredibly easy to play! Simply put each of the 20 images on a separate slide in your presentation. The players will see the first image and must guess where in the world they think Oh is. This game can be played as a team game or you can invite contestants to play against one another at a time.


Click here for the 'Where is Oh?' game title Powerpoint image (other images below)

Click here for the ‘Where is Oh?’ game title Powerpoint image (other images below)



GOD SEES US: Just as we have seen where Oh is in the world so God sees us wherever we are, no matter who we are! God sees everything and He cares so much about us!


GOD AS CREATOR: God is the Creator of the Universe! Just as we have seen all the amazing buildings in this game that people have made, God created everything in nature we see. Not to mention, God created you and me! So without Him creating us, we never would see all the amazing buildings and monuments in these pictures!


Oh is in Washington DC   United States2

Oh is in India   India

Oh in Italy   Italy

Oh in Sydney   Australia

Oh in Egypt   Egypt

Oh in England   England

Oh in Everest   Nepal

Oh in Paris   France

Oh in China   China

Oh in Rio de Janiero   Brazil


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