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Number of Players: 2 or more

Age of Players: 5 and above

You will need: Would You Rather questions (see Powerpoint image page)

Preparation: Make sure you have the questions written out, or download our images to your computer and use them in a Powerpoint!

How to win: there are no winners in this game – play just for fun!

How to Play:

A leader poses the questions. Each question asks the players to think about a choice between two things; they must decide what they would rather do. Questions such as, “Would you rather walk on the planet Pluto or the moon?” or “Would you rather visit Neverland or Wonderland?” The leader tells the players to run to one end of the room if they answer one way, and to run to the other end if they choose the other answer. When they have made their decision they run. For the Powerpoint image questions click here.


Would you rather question

Click here for the ‘Would You Rather?’ Powerpoint image


CHOICE: Was it easy to make the choice between the two options in each question? We face choices every single day. Some are small, some are much bigger and can influence our whole life. God has given us the ability to make our own choices. Yet He loves it when we come and talk to Him about our choices and involve Him in our decisions!

WISDOM: To make wise choices it’s really important that we have God’s wisdom! The questions in the ‘Would You Rather?’ game were a little bit of fun, but when we face real problems and decisions, we need the Holy Spirit’s help!

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