Funny and Gory Bible Story Poems

These Funny and Gory Bible Story Poems may startle you, make you laugh or make you cry. Either way, it is difficult not to have some kind of reaction! We hope you enjoy them!



In the Beginning: Laugh out loud as children learn how the world was created.

Adam and Eve: Children will be challenged by this Bible story poem as they read about the consequences for Adam and Eve.

Cain and Abel: How could two brothers make such a mess? Children will be startled as they hear of this gruesome tale.

Tower of Babel: Who ever said building a tower was easy and came with no problems? Children will hear of what happens when the people thought they could outwit God.

Noah’s Ark: Children will have fun with this silly re-telling of Noah’s ark as they imagine the craziness that took place!

Jacob and Esau: What happens when your brother is great at deceiving people? Listen to this tale and you’ll soon find out!

Baby Moses: One man tried to kill all the babies… yet God had a bigger plan!

Samson and Delilah: Delilah had a plan to find Samson’s source of strength. Children will love to listen to this rendition of the story!

Ehud: This funny Bible story poem will have you wondering, is this really in the Bible. Yes, yes it is!

David is Anointed: This funny poem explains why David was anointed with oil when he was chosen as king.

David and Goliath: Watch out! You’re about to read the real story of David and Goliath.

Daniel and the Lions Den: a very English re-telling of the famous Bible story!

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego: Three Fearless Men: Children will love this gory story!

Jonah and the Massive Fish: We love this funny and gory story of stinky fish guts and a guy that goes the wrong way.

Haman: the Creepiest Creep:  this poem will have your kids hissing the villain of this dark tale.

The Sluggard: This funny story is based on the description of the sluggard in Proverbs.

Twelve Spies: two men knew what to do, it’s just a shame nobody listened!

Samuel Hears: did Samuel have big ears? Just one of the thoughts raised by this unusual poem.

Jeremiah the Weeping Prophet: Children will giggle yet gasp as they listen to the story of Jeremiah.

Elisha and the Grizzlies: Probably our favorite gory Bible story poem! What a story!


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