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The LORD is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear? Psalm 27:1.


Perhaps you’ve been asked to do a Facebook Live for the first time. Maybe it’s just an obvious or a responsibility you’ve been given. Don’t panic! I know what you’re thinking. “I can’t do a Facebook Live” “I don’t have the confidence for that” “I don’t want to look silly/stupid/like I don’t know what I’m doing. Help!” 

As an experienced Kids Pastor leading teams and speaking in front of hundreds of kids and families in churches and large events you wouldn’t have thought that’s how I felt. But it was.

Putting yourself out on social media for all the world to see is a scary thing. Yet, when you actually take that bold first step in doing it, you will grow in confidence like never before. So here are my top tips for getting yourself in front of the camera for social media:

1) Be Confident By Being Prepared

You can prepare to get in front of your kids ministry and families by doing a number of things:

  • practicing in a fake group first. Simply set up a private group with yourself as the only member (a Me Party) and go live as a practice run. This is what I did and it made the real thing much less daunting. I’d already faced what I would look like on the screen and changed the things I didn’t like about my message. Winner!
  • Clean and tidy your room – or at least the area visible on your screen. When your space is tidy you’ll be more relaxed as you deliver your message. And you won’t get that annoying comment by a family member; “you could have cleaned your room!”
  • Get your sound and lighting right. If people can’t see you on screen, it kind of defeats the purpose, so make sure you’re in a place where you will be well lit and visible. Don’t forget your microphone too… check that it’s all working and you’re not going to have any problems when you go live.
  • Have any props ready. There’s nothing worse than trying to do an object lesson live and forgetting to prepare the props. The last thing you want is to have to run off screen or stop because you’ve forgotten an important element. Walk through the lesson or message in your mind and prepare it.
  • Brush your hair. Ever seen yourself in a photo and cringed? Yep! Two hands up for me. The obvious things like getting my hair and make up ready help me to get my head in the game and stop being vain on screen. It’s awful when you suddenly remember you didn’t fully prepare!
  • Read scripture. If you’re nervous soak up scripture before you get in front of the camera and pray. God goes before you and He is with you. You can face any fear!
  • Check the tech. Practice, practice, practice. If you’re going live with anything more than a phone, you need to practice with your tech set up. That way you can have confidence that you’ve done everything you possibly can to avoid anything going wrong.


2) Have fun and others will join you

We sometimes forget that how we come across to others is often how we are feeling ourselves. If you relax and have fun then many will laugh along and join with you. Your attitude will be infectious. Remember that you’re the leader and people are looking to you. Forget the fear and focus on your God given message! God loves it when we take pleasure in the work He has given for us to do. So have fun and get creative – let your mind run wild with what God might do in and through you as a result of you stepping out in faith.


3) Taking the first step is the hardest part

It’s true what they say, stepping out really is the hardest part. Much like Hillsong’s ‘Oceans’ song, it can feel like the scariest thing we can do. Putting ourselves out there, in front of the world, for everyone to see.

You better believe it, it may go wrong (when technology is involved it often does). Nonetheless, when you march forward into the unknown you can trust that God knows where He is leading you. He is about to take you to a new level.

If things go wrong, have fun with it. We are all learners in this game. Those that aren’t doing it will likely respect you for going for it. Those already doing it know exactly how you feel. We all start somewhere. It takes time to hone a new skill. You will get better and find it easier each time. So be patient with yourself, have grace and know that an adventure awaits!


4) Remember your why 

When the going gets tough, remember your why. Remember that there are kids and families that need the word that God has given you to deliver. They need your friendly face encouraging them in their walk with God. God has given you a message to deliver. He is calling you out to reach His people and those that are lost. Will you go? If so, go Live.

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