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Here’s a few headphones object lessons that you can do with a set of headphones. Why not wear them as you’re talking, or follow the [instructions] in these simple headphones object lessons:


Say: Are you listening to what God has to say? When we put on a set of headphones then we are intentionally wanting to listen to something. The music of our choice. We have chosen it, and nobody else is hearing it. We zone in to what the music has to say and that is all we can hear. God wants us to zone in to what He has to say too! When was the last time you simply got into your room and chatted with him? Today? Yesterday? Last week? Last year? Never? If we want to know him as our friend then we really need to listen to what He has to say! If we don’t listen to our friends then we won’t get to know them. It’s the same with God, we need to spend time listening to Him so that we will know Him better. Not only that, but we will understand how we can make a difference in our world through the things that He says to us, and we will begin to understand who he has created us to be! I’m not saying that we shouldn’t pay attention to the world at all, but let’s listen in to God’s voice. Let’s be those that have an ear to hear what Jesus has to say.

Relevant bible verses: Matthew 6:5-6, John 10:27-28, Deuteronomy 32:1-2


Say: Have you ever been in a room with someone who listens to their headphones and completely ignores you? It’s horrible isn’t it?! These days we are all so into our gadgets, our music and our movies that often we aren’t paying attention to anything else. We aren’t really present. We might be in the room, but our mind and our hearts are somewhere else. To make a difference in this world we have to be aware of what is going on around us. If we are walking around with our headphones in all the time then we aren’t really going to be able to know what other people are saying, what they are feeling and what God wants us to say and do. I’m not saying that you should never wear your headphones, now that would just be silly! But next time you do, have a think and ask, who is around me? Do I need to pay attention to them? Am I really present with them?

Jesus paid attention to the people around him. He never missed an opportunity to talk to them about God. He wanted everyone to know. He wanted to share his love with them and let them know that he cared. Ask God to help you pay attention and be present with those around you today!

Relevant bible verses: Psalm 118:24, Colossians 4:5-6, James 4:14


Say: Headphones are great inventions aren’t they?! I love that they can allow us to listen to any kind of music we want and we don’t distract anyone else. I suppose though, they can often be a distraction to me. When I’m listening to my music [put headphones on and blast music] I can’t hear anyone else. I’m completely consumed and distracted by my own little world. It can be like that with the world and God. What I mean is, we can distracted by everything that we see and hear on this earth. Those things become all that we are listening to and seeing. Yet God is trying to get our attention. He’s doing and has done everything he can do to let us know that he is speaking and wants to speak with us. Yet we have a choice. Will we keep the headphones on, or will we take them off and listen to Jesus? Will we continue to be consumed and distracted by this world, or will we start to turn and hear what Jesus has to say.

Relevant bible verses: Job 33:14-15, 1 John 2:15-17, Romans 12:2


Headphones are great! Does anyone want to come and try them? [get volunteer to try them] They feel great don’t they? They look totally cool too! How do they sound? [get feedback from volunteer] They don’t sound of anything? How come? [get feedback – they are not plugged in!] They aren’t plugged in to anything? Why should that make a difference? [get feedback] Of course! Without them being plugged in they have no power, they have no source of information. They are useless! They look and feel good, but they aren’t doing what they were made to do!

You know, that is the same with us. When we aren’t plugged into – that’s spending time with  – Jesus then we are powerless. We might look like good Christians, everyone around us might think that we are. We might even feel good about being a Christian. Yet we will have no power in our daily lives. We need the power of God to help us to live the way he wants us to live. If we want to see our friends come to know Jesus, if we want to bring life and love to others, then we need to be plugged in and spending time with Jesus every day!

Relevant bible verses: Matthew 6:5-6, John 10:27-28, Romans 10:17, Acts 1:8


[Have headphone on super loud and then take then turn them down, finally take them off] Sometimes when I have my headphones on they just get too loud! I get sick of the noise and they might even start to give me a headache. Headphones are great but sometimes I need to take a break. Perhaps that’s how it can sometimes feel with the world too? Sometimes everything just gets too crazy and loud. Our parents are yelling, our teacher is mad because we didn’t do our work, our bedroom is messy, we fell out with our friends, we’re bored of school and we’re sick of what the world tells us about ourselves. When those times come it is great to remember to come to Jesus. When life is hectic and we just can’t handle it, we can come to him in prayer.

Just like when we turn down our headphones or we take them off, we can turn down the noise of the world by praying to Jesus. Anywhere, any time he is always there, ready to talk. Ready to listen. Maybe we even need to take time out completely by spending some quality time with him. Some people like to go to their room or go somewhere to get away from everyone and everything so that they can just hear Jesus. When we come to Jesus in the midst of the noise of the world we can find peace. We can rest in his love and know his presence.

Relevant bibe verses: Matthew 11:28-30, Philippians 4:6-7, John 16:33

Click here for the Headphones Powerpoint image

Click here for the Headphones Powerpoint image

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