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AIM: The ‘Confident That God is Always on Time’ Childrens Lesson on Exodus 14 is a fun lesson that gets children thinking about God’s perfect timing. It is the fourth session in the ‘Confident in God’ teaching series.

Icebreaker question:

What is the best time you have ever had in your life?



1. Pantyhose Bowling. 

2. Burst the Balloons.  The balloons are blown up and scattered on the floor. Players stand in scatter formation. On “GO”, the object is to break as many balloons as possible, by sitting on them! When a person breaks a balloon, he shouts “I SCORE!” and must put his hand in the air. The score-keeper then runs up to the person whose hand is in the air, and marks a point down on his tally sheet.The player then tries to break another balloon and earn more points. When all balloons are broken, scores are added up and a winner is declared. VARIATIONS: Break the balloons by putting them between the knees and squeezing them until they break. Burst balloons by jumping on them with both feet. Burst balloon by squeezing it between two people.

BIG VERSE: But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. Jeremiah 17:7.


SET the Scene:

Read Exodus 14.


1. Crossing the Red Sea

2. ‘The Parting of the Red Sea’ by Pursue God Kids

3. ‘The Red Sea’ – Lego version for 8-11s

4. ‘When you Believe’ – Prince of Egypt edition

5. Moses parts the water (3-7s edition)


SPOT the Simple Meaning:

1. Confident that there is a time for Everything

You will need some pictures or videos of the changing seasons.

Say: Ecclesiastes 3 explains that everything has a season. There is a time for everything. There’s a time to have fun with your mates, a time to do your homework [pretends to cry!] There’s a time to stay quiet and there’s a time to stand up and be counted. Sometime’s it’s about knowing the time and acting accordingly.

Moses listened to God and God showed him when the perfect time to move was. The people of Israel didn’t just leave Egypt, but as God had promised, they left with lots of things (silver, gold, clothing) that the Egyptians had given them. Imagine, they had that much favor from God – that God even made a way for these slaves to leave the country with their owner’s stuff! (Exodus 12:35-36) God knew exactly what He was doing and He knew what season the people of Israel were in. For a long time they had been in a difficult season. Sort of like winter time – the trees are sparse and it’s cold and a little miserable – the people of Israel had been living as slaves – they had nothing!

Yet ‘spring’ was around the corner. Spring is a time of new life! It is when new lambs and chicks are born and new things start to happen. The Israelites were about to leave Egypt and their new life was going to begin! There is a season for everything, and for the Israelites their season was changing – things were going to get better for them.

(If the session is aimed at 5-8s you may want to stay away from the more

abstract seasons analogy and simply re-enact Ecclesiastes 3 with actions or someone acting out the different activities. Then explain to the children that God tells us that there is a time for everything. For the Israelites it was now time to leave Egypt.)


2. Confident that God has Perfect Timing

a) Share a testimony of how God has had perfect timing in your life.

b) You may want to choose different photos to show for each of the sports

c) Play the Digital Clock Time Lapse video and have children try and stop the video (hit the space bar or click the mouse to stop it) at an exact time that you suggest. 

Say: It isn’t easy to have perfect timing! In fact, it is a very definite skill. Perfect timing is very important in sports. In fact, it often determines whether you will win or lose a game or match.

Basketball – the players need to be quick and think quickly to dart in between the player, one false move or imperfect timing and the opponent could snatch the ball off you

Netball – an interception can easily be made with the perfect timing and a great big jump!

Baseball – a batter has to decide whether to ‘go’ or not to go. The best hitters are the ones that wait longer but react quicker.

American Football – the best defensive backs watch the quarterbacks for the right signal and then react quickly to intercept a ball

European Football – the goalkeeper needs to have a quick reaction time and perfect timing to save a ball – he needs to think quickly in order to save the goal

Tennis and ping pong – timing is so important as trying to hit the ball a little late will mean you completely misdirect or miss the ball

I’m sure you can think of many more! Perfect timing makes a big difference in our lives too. If we miss the time to hand in our homework we may get a fail. If we miss the school bus we may have to wait another hour or have to get picked up by someone. If we are too early then we will have to wait aswell.

Jesus knows the perfect time for everything because He created absolutely everything (Colossians 1:16). The Holy Spirit will lead and guide us with perfect timing, but we must choose to obey and not try to rush ahead or fall behind. The Father had perfect timing when He sent Jesus to the earth. Jesus lived with perfect timing as he listened to what the Father called him to do, and only moved when the Father told him to move (John 5:19). Jesus had perfect timing when he went to the cross and rose from the dead. It was all part of God’s plan to bring us forgiveness and new life in Jesus.

We might not always understand everything, and that’s okay. Yet we can have confidence – we can know for sure – that God has perfect timing and that He will bring about everything in our lives at the right time. We don’t have to worry about tomorrow. God has it all in His hands. God wants the best for us, He fights for us, so we can trust Him to have perfect timing, no matter what.


3. Confident that God has a Purpose in His timing

Watch this video together as a group.

Say: The person hitting the dominoes in this video (Hevesh5) had to have perfect timing in order to make all the dominoes fall down at the exact right time. She had to have every domino placed in exactly the right position. If she decided to rush and put a domino in the wrong place by mistake she would have had to set up the dominoes all over again before she could try filming again!

It took Havesh5 25 hours spread over 8 days to set up the dominoes. That’s a lot of time! God has perfect timing. He is lining up all our dominoes – all the things that He wants to do in our lives – perfectly so that when the time comes we are ready. Have you been waiting for a very long time for something to happen?

Sometimes it won’t happen when you want because God is preparing everything and getting your life and other’s lives into the right place to be ready for that moment.

That was how it was for the Israelites. They had waited for many years for God to answer their prayers. Now God finally was delivering the people and He showed that there was order and thought to His plan. The exact time that the Israelites moved through the Red Sea was when the sea came down on the soldiers. The timing was absolute perfection. It could only have been designed by God for the very special purpose of delivering the people of Egypt. Without an army the Pharaoh was stuck – he could not get his slaves back.

Now, that doesn’t mean “everything happens for a reason,” in fact, the Bible never promises that. We don’t know why or if there was a reason for the Israelite’s slavery, or for other crimes or injustices that are committed (Hitler, 9/11, current issues), but it does say in Romans 8:28: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Whatever we go through, whether it has a purpose or not, God can turn it around for our good, if we follow and love Him. He can give our problems a purpose.

There is always a purpose in God’s timing. We don’t always understand why we have to wait, or why something isn’t happening when we want it to, but God has a purpose for the timing in His plans! We can be confident of that!


SEARCH the Scriptures:

Scavenger Hunt. Place the bible verses from this page around the room/building with clues on how to find the next verse. At the end with the last verse put the words “to be continued.”


1. Was it difficult to keep looking for the bible verses? Why/why not?

2. How did you feel when you got to the end and it just said “to be continued?”

3. Is it difficult to follow God when you don’w know what is going to happen next? Why/why not?

4. Do you think God has perfect timing? Why/why not?

5. Have you seen God’s perfect timing in your life? How?


SENSE How You Feel:

Re-enact the final scene of the people leaving Egypt through the Red Sea – this would be great fun if you can video or take photos of the scenes they make

Create a craft Red Sea with Moses and people using card and cut outs of the people

Role play – ask the children to take turns imagining they were Moses, the Pharaoh or the people of Israel. How did it feel to be them? What were they thinking/experiencing?



Play one of the songs:

‘While I’m waiting’ – John Waller

‘Trust in You’ – Lauren Daigle

1) What ‘season’ do you think you are in right now? Ask God to show you, or ask Him toshow you what season someone else is in and tell them what you believe God is showing you. Let them decide and ask God if it is correct.

2) What are you waiting for God to do? Ask God to help you wait patiently and to keep believing as you pray.

3) The bible says now is always a perfect time for salvation. If you don’t know Jesus, you can come and know him today!

'Confident That God is Always on Time' Childrens Lesson on Exodus 14

Click here for the ‘Confident that God is always on Time’ Childrens Lesson on Exodus 14 widescreen PowerPoint image

'Confident That God is Always on Time' Childrens Lesson on Exodus 14

Click here for the ‘Confident that God is always on time’ Childrens Lesson on Exodus 14 PowerPoint image




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