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AIM: The ‘Confident that God is Good’ Childrens Lesson on Exodus 2:1-10 will help to remind children that God is good as they read and hear the story of baby Moses and how God looked after him.

Icebreaker question: How many things can you name that are good?

SET the Scene:

Read Exodus 2:1-10.

  1. ‘Baby Moses’ – Saddleback Kids version
  2. ‘Moses as a Baby’ –
  3. ‘River Lullaby scene’ – Prince of Egypt


  1. What do you think this passage shows you?
  2. What does it tell you about what God is like?
  3. What do you think God wants you to know from this passage?
  4. Is it easy to believe God is good when reading this passage? Why?
  5. How can you be confident to know that God is good?


1. Change the Baby. Take a doll and a nappy. See how fast the children compete to change a nappy

2. Baby Food Guess. Blindfold kids and have them eat baby food and guess what flavor it is.

3. Baby Burp. Have children compete to eat baby food and drink a bottle of milk the fastest.

4. Baby Obstacle Race/Relay. Have children run around an obstacle race whilst carrying a doll or alternatively have them act like a baby themselves only being able to crawl on their hands and knees. A third option is to do an obstacle race where one child must carry another as if they are a baby!

5. Famous Babies. Find pictures of some of your kid’s favorite celebrities and their baby/younger pictures. See if the children can match their face to their name. Failing them being famous, you could use members of your church.

6. Find the Baby. Search the room for pictures of babies – either in teams or as individuals.

SPOT the Simple Meaning:

1) It was Good that Moses was Saved

What’s Good? Read some news headlines out and ask the kids to put their thumbs up or thumbs down depending on if they think it is a good or bad thing. This works well if you have any giant foam hands that you can use upfront to encourage children to enter in or you can use the ‘Thumbs Up’ Facebook hand printable to create a giant ‘Like’.

Say: Is it good to: a) hurt someone b) kick someone c) give a present to someone d) rob someone e) lie to someone f) challenge someone g) fight someone

Sometimes working out the answers to those questions isn’t so black or white. There are different reasons why we do things. Yet was it a good thing that God saved Moses life? Of course it was! Life is good!!! God has given us life and we need to make the most out of it! God saved Moses and that was a good thing because Moses could use his life for good and for God. He had more time to get to know who God is.

We can spend our lives getting to know this amazing God that we serve. It’s exciting and challenging! God does good things and we can do good things too… but the best thing… the most ‘good’ thing (he he he)… is to know Jesus for ourselves! That is the way that we are saved – by knowing the Creator of the Universe and giving our lives completely to Him!

2) Confident that God is Good even when things go bad

You will need an everlasting gobstopper.

Say: God is good through and through. Just like a tasty lollipop or gobstopper that is brightly colored – it is tasty through and through! God never changes. He has always been good and He will always continue to be good! No matter what we go through God is good.

Jochabed knew that God was good. She believed her little boy would be safe with God. No matter what happens God is good. If everything falls apart around us we can still trust that God is good. Why? Because we know Him and we know that He sent His Son Jesus and that He has given us His Holy Spirit to help us through bad and good times. We are not alone.

An everlasting gobstopper doesn’t really last forever, but God the Father is always good and always looking out for us. He says that He will bring all things together for good. That means that the things that go bad for us can one day be turned into something good. That can be difficult when we are going through something bad. Yet we can know that God is good and one day we will realize how and why.

3) Confident that Gods Plans for Us Are Greater Than we can imagine

1. Cut up the attached picture into diamonds or triangles to make a jigsaw that says ‘God has good plans for us.’

2. You could also get some ingredients out to make a cake – flour, eggs, sugar etc.

Explain to the children that if you didn’t have a plan then you may just concoct a very strange cake. (You could start adding things together as you talk).

Say: God’s plan wasn’t only good for Moses but for his mum too. Imagine having to give up your own baby. It would be so difficult to do! She did it to save Moses but she probably thought she would never see him again. Yet God did something absolutely amazing!

God gave the Miriam the idea that Moses’ own mum should be the one to raise Moses. She suggested it to the king’s daughter and they both agreed! Moses’ own mum Jochabed was paid to look after Moses. She was paid when her son should have been killed. Moses was going to be looked after by the daughter of the very man that was trying to kill all the babies! WOW! God really can do immeasurably more than we can think or imagine! (Ephesians 3:20) We can be confident that God is good and that He has good plans for our lives!

4) I Need to Trust God when things go bad

You will need the picture of the egg and the potato in a bath or use actual eggs and potatoes – some cooked and others uncooked that you can try and smash with a hammer or hard object!

Say: There were many babies being killed when Moses was floated onto the river. It was a bad time for God’s people. They were in trouble and they needed help, yet it didn’t seem like they were getting any. Yet Jochabed; Moses’ mum, trusted that God was still good. She decided to do something very different. She decided to trust God. To save her baby from being killed she floated him onto the river. She trusted that God would look after him.

When bad things happen we can do one of two things. We can either get angry and hard towards God or we can be understanding and ‘soft’ as we turn to God. Just like the potato and the egg – whatever we have inside us will come out when things go bad.

SEARCH the Scriptures:

Have a pile of bible verses about how God is good behind each team as they line up in a parallel line. Get teams to compete in playing the under and over game by passing the bible verses to the front of the line (rather than a ball). The first team to get all their bible verses to the front is the winning team. Then read all the bible verses out.

Check out the bible verses on God’s goodness here.

SENSE How You Feel:

Imagine how it would feel as Moses’ mother to be paid to look after your own son…

1. Color the sheet: God is Good

2. Have a couple of people ‘hot seat’ and pretend they are Moses’ mum. Ask them questions to make them think how they would feel.

3. Create Moses basket crafts to think about how it would feel to leave your child.


Throughout your session you may want to ask the Holy Spirit to prompt you to pray for anyone who needs prayer or may be going through a bad time. Don’t hesitate to interrupt your session – sometimes those are the moments that God really speaks to your children!

Prayer responses:

In what ways have you been feeling that God isn’t good. Has anything in your life been making you question if God is good?

What do you want to say to God as a result of today’s session. Write down one prayer or a thought that you would like to share with God. It may be a prayer or thought of thanks, a question or you may want to ask for help. Whatever you want to say, don’t hold back – God wants to hear from you!

Click here for the 'Confident God is Good' Powerpoint

Click here for the ‘Confident God is Good’ Powerpoint

Click here for the widescreen 'Confident that God is Good' Powerpoint image

Click here for the widescreen ‘Confident that God is Good’ Powerpoint image

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