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AIM: The ‘Saved By God’ Sunday School Lesson on Moses (Exodus 2:1-10) is aimed at helping children recognize that Jesus came to save them and that they can come to know him and serve him for themselves.


Are you ‘Just a Kid’ or can God do more with you than even you realize?! Over the next few sessions we’re going to be looking at how God can use you to make a difference in the world! This session we’re looking at how we have been ‘Saved By God.’

What does it mean to be ‘saved’?

What are people talking about in church when they tell you how great it is to be ‘saved’? If you’ve ever seen Superman save the woman or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles swoop in and save the city then you might have an idea.


  1. ‘No Longer a Slave’ by Bethel Music
  2. ‘Good Good Father’ by HouseFires II
  3. ‘Children of God’ by God Rocks Band


  1. Baby Change. Children compete to see who can put a diaper on a toy doll or soft toy the fastest.
  2. Baby Food Guess. Take the labels off several baby food jars (remembering which is which) then ask children to guess what flavor each jar contains. The winning child is the child that guesses any or all of the flavors correctly.
  3. Diaper Doo Doo. Melt lots of different types of chocolate. Place them on different diapers. Have children go around and guess what the chocolate is.
  4. Diaper Explosion. Pour melted chocolate onto 2-4 diapers. Choose 2-4 children to compete by licking off the chocolate from the diaper. You can decide whether or not they should use their hands. The winning child is the one who eats the most or all of the chocolate in the allocated time.
  5. Baby Food Flick. Create 2-4 large pictures of babies out of card. Cut a hole out for the babies’ mouths. Have leaders hold up the card.  Choose 2-4 children to flick baby food from a baby jar through the mouth of the baby. The player to get the most food through the mouth – and not on the card is the winner.
  6. Floating Basket Challenge. In teams children should try and make their own basket out of straws, paper and tape. The team whose basket floats for the longest is the winning team.

BIG VERSE: See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! 1 John 3:1a

Fun Object Lesson: To explain the memory verse take a tiny cupcake on a plate and a can of squirty cream. Tell the children that to lavish something means to completely cover it. Explain that you are going to ‘lavish’ the cake with cream. Then spray a little bit of cream on the cake. Ask them “Is this lavished with cream?” They will tell you that it isn’t. Keep squirting the cream and asking the same thing until the whole cake is completely covered – you may want to even use the whole can for a great effect! Then explain that God the Father LAVISHES His love on us. We are completely covered and surrounded by His love.

[This object lesson idea was developed by Ed and Lynsey Green].

SET the Scene:

Read Exodus 2:1-10. In the middle of a scary time for God’s people – a time when all the babies boys were being killed for simply being Hebrew boys – a mom hides her son  for 3 months to save his life (Ex 2:3) . She decides to float the baby on the river and hope that he ends up somewhere safe. The baby’s sister follows him to see where he will go and if someone will find him.


  1. Baby Moses by Saddleback Kids
  2. River Lullaby scene from the Prince of Egypt movie
  3. Baby Moses Funny video for older children – 8years and up.
  4. Moses, The Story


SPOT the Simple Meaning:


You will need access to the Chicken Pie scene from Chicken Run or alternatively or the furnace/incinerator scene from Toy Story 3. There is a similar clip from the movie ‘Robots’ which is not accessible online featuring the very funny Robin Williams as Fender.

Say: Did you see how they [say the names of the characters in your clip] escaped that dangerous situation! If they hadn’t have escaped they would have been headed for serious harm! When we are harmed it means we are hurt… when that harm is serious it means that we could die. The characters [say their names] in our movie clip would have been lost; vanished, they would have been gone. Nothing left of them…. dead. Phew! They escaped! [Give a whoop whoop or cheer]

The baby Moses was in a similar situation. He was going to be killed by Pharoah because Pharoah wanted to get rid of all of the boys. Pharoah was scared that if the people of God got too strong then they would be able to come against Pharoah. They would be able to fight back! Pharoah didn’t want the people to fight him. He wanted to be able to control them. The best way to do that was to make them weak. Without the men in those days the people would have been weak. The girls and women all depended on the men to help make them money and to take care of their families.

Moses’ mom wasn’t going to let that happen to her son. She hid him for 3 months and then when he got too big she put him in a basket and tried to help him escape the serious harm that Pharoah intended to bring. Moses had been saved from serious harm.

We have been saved from serious harm too! Jesus came to the world to save us because we were heading for serious harm. Without someone to save us; a savior, we would have been lost. The wrong things that we do mean that we deserve to spend a whole eternity away from God (2 Thessalonians 1:9). God is perfect; He never does anything wrong and He is perfect in love. The wrong things that we do separate us from a perfect God – He just can’t be around our mess. The bible says that our wrong things had a punishment… death!  (Romans 6:23). Somebody had to die. Jesus came to the world to step in and die so that we don’t have to. He died so that we might know God, so that we could live forever (John 3:16). Jesus died, but because he is God, he was able to come back to life.

To step into this salvation that Jesus has for us, to saved from the wrong things we have done; our sin, we must turn away from the wrong things we do and start living for Jesus. We need to admit that we need saving. If you need to do that, then we need to do that right now. Let’s pray. [Follow up with a prayer for salvation.]



You will need accessibility to the ‘Rescue Clip’ from the movie Annie (2014) or the full length clip on DVD.

Say: Did you see how Annie was rescued from that accident! She almost died, but she was saved! She was saved by Will Stacks, a very wealthy man. Just like Annie had been saved from disaster, Moses was saved too. Moses’ mom had pushed Moses out in to the river to save his life, but she didn’t know if her plan would work. I’m sure she was praying and hoping that he would find somewhere safe to stay. Yet she didn’t know for sure. She tried to save him herself, but she didn’t know what would happen to Moses in the end. She trusted that God would take care of him.

God knew! God had a plan all along, that Moses would be found by the Pharoah’s daughter and that he would be taken in. It was a miracle! Only God could help baby Moses find his way to the Pharoah’s daughter. Only God could make it possible for Pharoah’s daughter to ask and pay for Moses’ mom to look after her son (Exodus 2:9). Moses wasn’t saved by his mom, but he was saved by God. God had a plan for his life and it was God who made a way for Moses to be saved and safe – not only that, but looked after by his very own mom! Wow!

God has made a way for us too. Jesus is our way to God the Father. Jesus is our way to a full and God filled life.



SERVICE WITH A SMILE Game. How fast can your kids serve a meal of your choice? It could be anything simple – from a sandwich to an ice cream sundae. The child that can make the food and deliver it to the leader the fastest is the winner. 

Say: You have been saved for a reason. You have been saved to serve. Moses was saved by God, not just for himself but so that he could make a difference to the lives of his people. Many years later Moses would serve God and help his people escape from Egypt and head towards the Promised Land. [Play ‘Service with a Smile’ game]

God knew that Moses would lead many people out of Egypt into freedom. Moses was saved to serve. We have been saved by Jesus to serve him and others. We can serve Jesus by telling others about him, worshipping him and living our lives knowing He is with us and living to please him. We can serve Jesus by serving others – when was the last time you took out the trash or tidied your room so that your mom didn’t have to? How are you going to start serving Jesus?


SEARCH the Scriptures:

You will need: printer, laminator, laminating sheets, paper, washable paint, a wall or surface you don’t mind getting wet and messy, powerful water guns for each team and plastic sheeting.

Preparation: Print out each of the bible verses twice onto separate pieces of paper and laminate them. Then paint over each set of verses in two different colors of washable paint and leave to dry. Pin or tape the verses on a wall or another flat vertical surface and lay some plastic sheeting under that area.

On the day: Split your group into teams. Hand each team some powerful water guns. Teams must switch players with water guns when you yell ‘switch’. Players must compete to wash the paint off the bible verses to reveal what is underneath.

Bible verses about being saved:

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved. Acts 4:12.

He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time. 2 Timothy 1:9.

Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. Psalm 62:1.

And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Acts 2:21.

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9.


  1. What does being ‘saved’ really mean?
  2. Why do we even need saving?
  3. What have we been saved from?
  4. How did Jesus get messy to save us?
  5. How can we help to see others get ‘saved’?
  6. How can I thank Jesus for saving me?
  7. Once I am saved, what needs to change? i.e. What has changed in you or what would changes would you like to see in yourself?


SENSE How You Feel:

Imagine you are Moses’ mother or sister and you are watching your son be swept away by the river.

How do you feel?

As the children consider this question they can do one of the activities below. Then gather them together, ask the question again and discuss.

  1. Set up a fun water area where children can go for a quiet place to think. Set up baskets that children can float on the water or have paper that they can use to create their own basket to float.
  2. Role Play: ask the children to take turns imagining that they were Moses’ mom or sister Miriam. Ask each child questions about why they let their baby go and how difficult it was to do.
  3. Bible Corner. Give children time to read the story on their own with paper and pens to write or draw what they discover about Moses (Exodus 2:1-10).



Play the ‘Mighty to Save’ song by Hillsong (available on Spotify) as you pray with and for children.

  1. Are you saved? Give children an opportunity to respond to the gospel by asking Jesus to come and save them. Pray with every child that wants to be saved.
  2. Are you serving? Is there an area where you can serve? In church? At home? In school? Where is God calling you to serve and to help others? Have a ‘Sign Up To Serve’ station for children that want to serve at church or within your children’s ministry. Remind the children that we can serve in all aspects of our lives.


Saved By God

Click here for the ‘Saved By God’ Powerpoint image


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