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AIM: The ‘Sing’ Childrens Lesson on Psalm 92 is a helpful reminder that when we sing we remind ourselves of the good things God has already done for us. This session is the fourth session in the ‘Summer of Songs’ childrens teaching series.


  1. ‘Psalm 92’ (O Most high) by Paul Baloche.
  2. ‘It is Good to Give Thanks’ by Scripture Memory Youth Choir


  1. Musical Statues. (regular/widescreen) Children dance when the music is playing, but once it stops they must stay as still as statues. Children are eliminated from the game if they move. the last child standing is the winner.
  2. Party Islands. (regular/widescreen) Place several pieces of newspaper on the floor. Children dance while the music is playing, but once it stops they must run and jump onto a piece of newspaper when the leader calls out a number. The number called is the number of children allowed on the paper. Children that cannot get onto the paper are eliminated from the game. Paper is taken away after each round. The last child standing is the winner.
  3. Musical Chairs. (regular/widescreen) Chairs are set out in parallel rows, back to back. Children move around the chairs while the music is playing. Once the music stops, they must try and sit down on a chair. Those that cannot are eliminated from the game. Chairs are taken away after each round. The winner is the last child sat on a chair.
  4. Pass the Parcel. (regular/widescreen) Wrap a present a number of times with different paper. Children pass the parcel around while the music is playing, but once it stops, if they are holding it, they must unravel a layer. The music starts again and the process begins again. The child to unravel the last layer wins the prize.
  5. Corners.(regular/widescreen) Use the color microphone printables for the four corners of the room. each corner is given a color. Children dance while the music is playing and then must run to one of the corners of the room once the music stops. A leader [who has closed their eyes the whole time] announces a color. The children in that color are eliminated from the game. The winner is the one left once everyone else has been eliminated.

BIG VERSE: Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Psalm 103:1



INTRO QUESTION: Is there a song that reminds you of someone?


SET the Scene:

Read Psalm 92 together. Explain that this is a song that reminds people to sing of God’s love and faithfulness. In Exodus 15 Moses and Miriam sang about what God had done. Throughout the years people have loved to sing and remind themselves about who God is and what He has done for them.


  1. What does the Psalmist praise God for in the morning? (v2)
  2. What does the Psalmist praise God for at night? (v2)
  3. What makes the Psalmist’s heart glad? (v4)
  4. What does the Psalmist say God will be? (v8)
  5. What does the Psalmist say will happen to righteous people? (v 12-15)

SPOT the Simple Meaning:


Play and tell the children all about songs that remind you of your own good experiences. You may also want to show them a photo album of your memories.

Say: [Share about your favorite song and what it reminds you of first]Isn’t it amazing how a song can remind you of something like that? There is power in the songs that we sing. There is power in the words that we sing and the memories that they bring to us.

We sing songs about God to remind us of His goodness, His faithfulness and His love. The Psalmist [the person that wrote this Psalm] knew this. They knew that songs help us to remember God’s character and what he has done. That’s why they wrote this song – this poem – this Psalm – about God.

[Show the Photo album] This photo album has lots of great pictures in it. I love remembering good times when I see these pictures! But the people that wrote the Psalms didn’t have smart phones or cameras. They couldn’t take photographs, so they sang songs. Songs remind us of who God is and what He has done. What song reminds you of God? What does it remind you about Him?

Children could be handed the ‘This Song Reminds Me’ printable to have a go at thinking of songs that remind them of aspects of God’s character.



  1. If you have access to the Bergen Town song from the ‘Trolls’ movie this might be funny to use here. This part of the movie is where the Bergens are introduced. They are very sad and sing a song of misery which is actually fairly amusing. They are sad because they falsely believe that the only thing that will make them happy is to eat a troll. You could contrast this with Poppy the Trolls song here. Poppy is able to cheer herself up!
  2. Song Battle: See who can sing their song the loudest.


Say: The songs that we sing in Church [kids church or wherever you are – use your group name] are good songs! They are positive songs! We sing them loud and we sing them proudly because we know that we have the most amazing God in all the Universe! If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior and Lord then you also have so much to sing about!

You see, we celebrate as we sing!

We celebrate a God who sent His only Son to die on a cross because He wanted to save us from a lifetime without Him. Without Jesus coming to earth and living a perfect life and dying a perfect death, we would be lost. Our sin and the wrong we have done separates us from God, yet God in His great love and mercy sent His son so that we could be with God forever, so that we could be forgiven for the wrong things we have done.

What an awesome God! Not only that, but He gave us His Holy Spirit to help us live a holy life. A life that is pleasing to god. A Life that brings life to everyone we meet. It’s through the Holy Spirit’s power that we can do great things and we can share the love of Jesus and see a massive difference in our world!

So don’t be afraid or ashamed to sing songs of God’s goodness, His faithfulness, His mercy, His love. [If you use the Trolls clip you can share about how Poppy didn’t care what anyone thought of her. She was full of joy and celebrated the life she was given.] Sing with everything you’ve got, sing a good song!


SEARCH the Scriptures:

Name That Tune. (regular/widescreen) You will need to print off the Bible Verse Microphones sheets (1/2/3). The group splits into teams. One team member from each team races to find out from the leader what song they must hum. They then race back to their team and hum the tune. The team must guess what the song is, then run and collect the bible verse microphone.


  1. Do you enjoy singing at church? Why/why not?
  2. What is your favorite song at church? Why?
  3. If you could write a song, what would it be about?
  4. Has anyone ever sang to you?
  5. If someone wrote a song for you, what would you want it to be about?
  6. Why do you think God likes it when we sing to Him?
  7. How do songs help us remember things?


SENSE How You Feel:

  1. Make your own maracas. 
  2. Create a spin drum. 
  3. Make a panpipes. 
  4. Put together a tambourine.
  5. Create a box guitar.
  6. Decorate a musical note (clef note/one note/two notes/two notes with Psalm 96-1). You would decorate them with pens, gems, sequins, stickers etc then cut the note out and attach a ribbon loop so that children can hang it in their room.


  1. If your life was a song what song would it be? What do you want your song to be? Is your song the kind others can join in with? Would you want them to? Use the blank microphone printouts to encourage children to write their own poems or songs on. They could even simply write one phrase that they would like to include in a song about God.
  2. If there are any children that don’t know that God loves them, and don’t know the good song that we sing as someone that has been changed by Jesus, encourage them to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Pray with any children that would like to accept Christ. For help check out this resource from Future Flying Saucers.



Click here for the ‘Sing’ widescreen image

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