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AIM: The aim of the ‘We Share the Care’ Childrens Lesson on Nehemiah 5:1-13 is to encourage the children to learn that they can work together to care for others just as God cares for them.


  1. ‘God Cares’ from the Saddle Ridge Ranch VBS
  2. ‘I Cast All My Cares on You’ by Psalty


  1. Pass the Parcel. This game is probably one of the hardest games to share! We all want to win the prize. Yet sometimes we need to learn when to pass up the opportunity and to share it with someone else.
  2. The Chocolate Game. Children pass a dice around the circle and must try and throw a six. When they do they can put the hat, scarf and gloves on and use a knife and fork to cut some chocolate off a chocolate bar. However, the others keep throwing the dice and when someone else throws a six they must pass the items to them.
  3. British Bulldog. 
  4. Red Rover. 


INTRO: [You could give some of your leaders a big hug and hi five to introduce the theme] Today’s session is all about sharing the care. Our emoji is a hug emoji because when I think of sharing and caring for others I think of a bug warm hug! We can hug those that we know and love and want to care for. Of course, you wouldn’t just hug a stranger on the street… or someone you didn’t know or trust [some people might, but to stay safe we don’t!] So today’s session is about remembering to share the care for our community – the people of God, His Church!


SET the Scene:

Read Nehemiah 5:1-13. Explain to the children that Nehemiah was a good man that lived away from the city that his people belonged – the city of Jerusalem. He worked for the king as a cupbearer – he drank the wine from the cup to make sure there was no poison in it. If there was poison then Nehemiah would get ill or die and not the king.

Nehemiah heard that the city walls of Jerusalem had been damaged. This meant that his people were in danger. Nehemiah was so sad that he tore his clothes and prayed that God would help him go back and rebuild the walls. The king noticed that Nehemiah was sad and he let Nehemiah go back and rebuild the city walls – he even gave him materials to help him do it!

Our passage today comes later on in the story, the people are rebuilding the walls but some of the people are struggling. The leaders in Jerusalem were charging too much money for the people and the people did not have enough money or things to pay them.


  1. ‘The Story of Nehemiah’ by Whats in the Bible?
  2. ‘The Fabulous Bentley Brothers’ by Whats in the Bible?
  3. ‘Nehemiah Rebuilds the Walls’ by CLCReal Kids
  4. ‘Nehemiah – God’s Builder’ by GraceLink


SPOT the Simple Meaning:


You will need a picture of the world or a globe or inflatable globe to hold up or to let the children pass around. 

Say: The Bible tells us that God owns everything because He created it. That means everything belongs to Him. That means that everything is His and He is kind enough to share His things with us! But you know, God could care for everyone Himself – and He does! God cares for people in SO many different ways. He doesn’t need us at all… But sometimes, He chooses to share the care with us too! He asks us to care for someone. Why? Because God loves to see us helping and caring for others too. When we care for others we show people that God cares about them.


  1. You could use part of the Aladdin clip that shows Aladdin and his monkey Abu, having stolen bread and hungry, see two young children desperate for food. Abu eats the food, but Aladdin has compassion and shares his food with the children, that encourages Abu to share too. Both Aladdin and Abu were able to help the children more when they shared together.
  2. If you know of a need within your church or area you could explain to the children that you can give something, but maybe you don’t have the whole amount/ everything that the people need. Show the children some money or things that you could give. Then ask the children what would happen if everyone gave what they had to help?
  3. Skit. You could create a mini skit where one person is sad on a school playground and so they walk away. One child goes up to them and helps them… then all the other children realize and decide to help out too. Together they cheer up the child and all go back to playing.

Say: To ‘share the care’ means that we don’t just expect one person to care for everyone but each of us cares for and about one another. It would be horrible if everyone in church just expected the Pastor/Minister to do all the caring. When we’re in Kids Church [use your own kids ministry name here] we all need to learn to care for each other… the leader/s can’t do all the caring by themselves!

Nehemiah and his friends knew this. Nehemiah knew that he couldn’t help the people on his own. He needed the leaders to realise that they were charging too much money and he needed them to help the people also. Once the leaders realised what they had been doing they agreed to help. Nehemiah shared the care for the people. He didn’t try to do it all himself. We don’t have to be everybody’s hero but we can ask everyone to be a hero to each other. When we work together we can care for everyone. We simply need to share the care!

SEARCH the Scriptures:

The Bible reminds us that it is everyone’s job to care for others… we can’t just say, “I’m not the caring type!” God asks us to care for others – especially those in our family and church community.

Who shared the care in the bible?

Bring some picnic items to have a sit down together as you chat about how Jesus and the Early Church shared the care.

Jesus. Jesus could have simply shared all the food himself with the 5000 but he asked his disciples to help him. This meant that a little boy also had to help. Many people shared the care because Jesus decided not to do everything alone.

The Early (First) Church. When the Church began, the people knew that they needed to help one another. They couldn’t do everything on their own. They couldn’t care for everyone themselves, they needed everyone to play their part to share the care.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Does your church work together to share the care? How?
  2. What does ‘sharing the care’ mean to you?
  3. How do you care for others?
  4. How did Jesus care for others?
  5. How did the Early Church care for others?
  6. What makes you feel cared for?


SENSE How You Feel:

How can we work together to care for others?

Put the question above on a screen or simply ask the children the question as you do any of the following activities. You could encourage the children to work together on a wall instead of creating individual ones to help them think this process through more clearly.

  1. Encourage the children to do one of the activities by Sunday School Zone as they think.
  2. Lego: Encourage the children to make a giant lego wall.
  3. Cups: Use stacking cups to create your own wall.
  4. Mini Marshmallows: Children can use marshmallows to build a wall around the edge of their paper plate.
  5. Paper Dolls: Ask the children to create paper dolls and write ‘We Share the Care’ on the dolls with the Big Verse on them and decorate them.
  6. Crackers: Build a wall with Graham crackers and icing.




Response: This week let’s think about how we can share the care for those around us. Do we care for those at our school and in our home? Do we care for our brothers and sisters? Our parents and friends? Our teachers and those that help us?

Did you know that God cares for you no matter what you have done or thought or said. He wants you to know that you can come to Him no matter what. If you don’t know Him, now is the time to come to know Him. You can pray and ask Him to come into Your life and accept His love and care.

Bless: Before your children leave you could pray a blessing over each one of them. Simply say:

May you know that the God that created the Universe and owns everything in it loves and cares about you.

Then read out the big verse:

“He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7.

Click here for the ‘We Share the Care’ widescreen PowerPoint image

Click here for the ‘We Share the Care’ PowerPoint image


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