Are you in need of more fun and relevant kids ministry curriculum that is Biblically based?

Our Ministry Ark Membership will be open soon. Due to unforeseen circumstances the membership launch has been postponed until further notice. 

To keep up-to-date with our membership progress, join the email list below.

What We Will Offer

Looking to develop your kids team and dive deeper into the Ministry Ark materials? We’ve got you covered!

Training Documents

We’ll provide you with links and documents to the best training resources on the internet. What’s more, we’ll train you on how to use the Ministry Ark materials most effectively.

Video Tutorials

Learn from Katy Herrera, the Ministry Ark creator, on how the series is intended and tips on how to improve your delivery of the material.

Closed Facebook group

You’ll get the opportunity to chat with other leaders about how they are preparing for their sessions. You can share ideas and inspire one another with your experiences!

New Weekly Content

Each full teaching series will be uploaded one at a time. This means once one is finished you’ll get a fresh series. Therefore you’ll consistently have the weekly lessons you need.

Access Anywhere online

Access the membership anywhere and on any of your devices online. You’ll also have the familiar option to print the lesson page when you need an offline version.

Opportunities to Colaborate

Once a member, you’ll be given opportunities to collaborate with the Ministry Ark creator to provide insight and ideas for new series themes and content.

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