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Access over 18 Teaching Series and more…!

Are you in need of Biblical, fun and relevant kids ministry curriculum?

Are you struggling to find enough curriculum for your kids ministry each week?

Spending hours surfing the internet for ideas?

Have you tried all our free material and now you need more?

The Ministry Ark membership consistently provides weekly material for your kids ministry so you can plan with ease! No more stress filled last minute planning – come and join the Ministry Ark community today!

Get access to our private Facebook group

We’re all in the same boat! So come and join a community of leaders encouraging one another with the things that they’re learning when using the Ministry Ark material. This way, you’re not learning or leading alone.

Once you join, you’ll be added to our Ministry Ark Members Only Facebook group where we’re able to ask questions and share our experiences with one another. You can also help to make suggestions on new curriculum and help shape the future of Ministry Ark materials.

Are you ready to invest in your kids ministry?

Do you desire to see your kids go deeper with God?

The Ministry Ark membership will give you tips and ideas on how to use the curriculum in a more effective way. We’ll encourage you to think about your kids and families and what makes them unique. And you’ll get more ideas on how to make the material relevant to those you are serving.  


All of the ideas that you provided – from songs, to games, to arts and crafts- along with the lessons just made my job as first time camp coordinator so much easier!!!

I just had to tell you that your curriculum is amazing!!!!

We are a small church with a tiny budget and because of this curriculum we are having a blast in children’s ministry!!! 

Your teaching series has totally transformed our Wednesday night program…

The teaching series are great! 

We have used Ministry for 3 plus years now. They are the best around. The way they put it together you can tell they love God and love kids ministry. I give them 10 stars.

Your style seems to work well for the kids here (in Ghana). We have lots of young children who come to church unaccompanied from the local community!

I came across your site and I really love the teaching series.

It is practical, scriptural and FUN.  


Imagine if you had a curriculum FULL of games, song ideas, object lessons, crafts and activity sheets.


Imagine if rather than scanning the internet for ideas, you could spend more time praying for your kids and ministry, spending time with family and connecting with your team. 


Imagine being able to share resources easily with 4 other members of your team. 


Imagine a stress free planning session for your kids ministry.  


My Story – Creator and Founder of Ministry Ark 

I’m Katy Herrera and I started this site in 2o14 because I knew there were so many kidmin leaders that needed resources for free or for an affordable price. I remember being the kids leader scanning the internet for ideas on a Saturday night – it was no fun and impacted the effectiveness of my ministry.

Now with Ministry Ark I have a whole curriculum that I’ve been using with my team. I’m able to share the material with them through the site and although we have a team spread through a number of church sites, everyone is on the same page!

That’s why I know Ministry Ark can help you! 

You can find out more about Ministry Ark and about me on the About Us page.

I can’t wait to help you make the most of the resources and see the impact it has on your ministry! 



You’ll receive a welcome email within 24 hours with your confirmation and next steps.

Inside this email, you’ll find information on how to:

– Login to the site

– Access the teaching series and training documents

– Join the Private Facebook group


Training Documents

We’ll provide you with links and documents to the best training resources on the internet. What’s more, we’ll train you on how to use the Ministry Ark materials most effectively.

Video Tutorials

Learn from Katy Herrera, the Ministry Ark creator, on how the series is intended and tips on how to improve your delivery of the material.

Closed Facebook group

You’ll get the opportunity to chat with other leaders about how they are preparing for their sessions. You can share ideas and inspire one another with your experiences!

New Weekly Content

Each full teaching series will be uploaded one at a time. This means once one is finished you’ll get a fresh series. Therefore you’ll consistently have the weekly lessons you need.

Access Anywhere Online

Access the membership anywhere and on any of your devices online. You’ll also have the familiar option to print the lesson page when you need an offline version.

Opportunities to Collaborate

Once a member, you’ll be given opportunities to collaborate with the Ministry Ark creator to provide insight and ideas for new series themes and content.


What does each teaching series contain?

Each teaching series that is released includes: 

– Full Lesson Plans 

– Song Ideas

– Game ideas with graphics/printables

– Craft ideas with printables

– Graphics for Social media

– Printables for craft and games

– Drama/skit where needed

– Activity sheets for 5-7s and 8-11s

I'm from a small church, can I get a scholarship?

We want to help small churches provide top quality resources to the children and families in their communities. If you would struggle to finance the payment each month we’d ask you to prayerfully consider what you could afford and contact us via the online form to apply for a partial or full scholarship.

How often will I receive a new teaching series?

When you open your membership you will receive the first teaching series. After the length of that series is over you will receive a new one. It is upto you if you begin the series straight away, or stagger it so that your church can decide when to use it for themselves.

Why are all your teaching series no longer free?

Creating free material is something I (Katy Herrera – the Creator) love. However, it isn’t always easy to keep creating content. It takes me time to create. I believe that with all the free content I have created, those that love the material will know that it is worth paying for. This will help me to fund bigger projects in the future.

Can I cancel at any time?

The membership is a monthly membership but you can cancel at any time.

Can I share the teaching series?

Buying a membership means that you pay for the number of users that can have access to these resources. You will be unable to share any of the resources with those that do not have a login.


We are 99% certain you’re going to love this membership, and that’s one reason why our current refund rate is so low. We want to make sure that you’re 100% happy with membership and your purchasing experience which is why we always offer a full, no fuss money back guarantee (for the first 30 days) if it turns out it’s not for you for whatever reason.

Ready to get started?

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