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Oh is an alien; a Boov to be exact. The Boov are a cowardly group that run away from planets every time their enemy appears. Oh doesn’t seem to fit in with the other Boov, even though he tries. Once the Boov have invaded earth and redistributed all the humans Oh makes a very big mistake. He messages the Boov enemy, the Gorgs inviting them to his party. This angers the Boov as they are afraid of the Gorgs. Oh tries to hide from the rest of the Boov to avoid being extinguished. That’s when he runs into Tip. Tip is a little shocked to see Oh and quickly locks him up in a fridge.


1. Anger:

Say: Tip was angry with the Boov. She was angry because they had taken her mom and she didn’t know where she was or how she could get back to her. Anger is an emotion that even Jesus felt – he got angry at the people selling things and taking advantage of the poor in the temple. Jesus had a right kind of anger. Yet if we are not careful we can have a wrong kind of anger – getting angry at people for no good reason or being angry because of something else and taking it out on a completely different person! Our anger can get out of control! When this happens we need to pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to help us, to let us know and express His peace and love.


1. Have you ever laughed at someone that had become angry? What happened?

2. What do you think happens to your body when you get angry?

3. Do you think anger is a good thing or a bad thing? Why?

4. Have you ever let your anger get out of control or seen someone else’s anger get out of control? How did this make you feel?

5. Do you think getting angry helps people? Why/why not?

6. Why do you think Jesus got angry? Do you think this means we can get angry too?


2. Fear

Say: Did you see how Tip was afraid of Oh?! She was worried that Oh might hurt her. Why? Because of her experience. She had seen her mom get taken away by the Boov and now she was afraid that they might do something to her too. Fear can get us that way. It can make us jump to conclusions and start to think things that just aren’t real. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Fear can sometimes be a good thing. Fearing the fire can stop us getting burned because we won’t want to touch it. Yet God doesn’t want us to have an unhealthy fear – living in fear. He wants to have faith that He is working everything for our good. (Romans 8:28)


1. When was the time you felt most scared?

2. What do you tend to do when you are scared?

3. How do you think we can overcome fear?

4. Do you think Jesus was ever afraid? Why/why not?

5. How can we help others who might be afraid?

6. How might God be able to help us when we are afraid?

3. Forgiveness:

Say: Tip had trapped Oh. Sometimes when someone hurts us we want to hurt them back. Tip had been hurt by the Boov. They had taken away her mom, so now all she wanted to do was hurt them back. When she traps Oh, she tells him she can’t let him ‘back into the out’ but Oh reminds her that she is ‘just having to take away the piece of wood’ that she has trapped him with. That’s exactly like forgiveness. We can all forgive others, even when we believe we can’t. We can forgive when we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit! We just have to want to, just as Tip had to want to set Oh free.


1. Answer these first questions with either: a) Yes, straight away. b) Yes, but it would take some time. c) Maybe, I’m not sure. d) No I don’t think I could. e) No way! Then find out if your answer changes when the situation changes (the situations are in the brackets)

  • Would you forgive someone if they ate your last candy? (what if you had another bag of candy, you didn’t like the candy, it was your favorite candy)
  • Would you forgive someone if they borrowed your your favorite DVD and scratched it? (what if they said sorry, if they promised to buy you a new one)
  • Would you forgive if someone hit you on purpose? (what if they were your brother or sister, a friend, a complete stranger)
  • Would you forgive someone if they said they hated you? (would it matter who they were, how well you knew them, how old they were?)
  • Would you forgive someone for leaving you somewhere? (what if this person came back to get you, what if they just left you for a few minutes, what if they never came back)

2. Why do you think Jesus thought forgiveness was so important?

3. Does knowing that Jesus forgives you make you want to forgive others too? Why/why not?

4. Who do you think forgiveness helps the most?

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