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Wizard Vitruvius prophesies that ‘the special’ will one day stop the Kragle (a superweapon) in Lord Business’ possession by first finding the Piece of Resistance.8 and a half years later, Emmet Brickowski is just an ordinary construction worker… that is until he finds the piece of Resistance.  He meets Wildstyle and the Wizard and find out that they are Master builders. They can build without instructions! Emmet is not a Master builder, but Wildstyle and Wizard still believe in his potential.


1. Knowledge, Intelligence and Wisdom

Say: It looks like Emmet wasn’t the smartest out of the three characters. His ideas are put down and spoken of as ‘dumb.’ We can all feel pretty bad when our ideas are shot down! Especially when people feel the need to call us dumb or stupid. Having knowledge is great, but God often seems more concerned that we use the knowledge we have wisely. Wildstyle and Wizard knew a lot about being a master builder. Yet how they used that knowledge was going to be important.


1. Who is the brainiest person you know?

2. Do you think God cares about how smart you are?

3. Have you ever been called stupid? How does being called dumb make you feel?

4. Do you think Jesus cares about how intelligent someone is?

5.  Do you think it is good to learn?

6. How might we be good learners?

7. What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?

8. Where does wisdom come from?

9. How can we learn to be wise?

10. Is the brainiest person you know also the wisest?


2. Thoughts, The Mind

Say: When Wizard and Wildstyle get into Emmet’s head they seem pretty disappointed. There isn’t much there. Our thoughts are really important. What we think about tells a lot about a person. That’s because our thoughts often come out in our words and then our words spread into our actions. Our mind is the place that sets it all off. Kind of like dominoes. So if we can get our thoughts straight and think the right kind of thoughts it is likely that our attitude, words and actions will come into line too.


1. What was the last thought that you thought? (that will get you thinking!)

2. What do you think about most?

3. Do you think our thoughts are important? Why?

4. Do you care about what other people think about you? Why/why not?

5. How can you make sure you think good thoughts? How can you control your thoughts?

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