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Oh is an alien; a Boov specifically. The Boovs came to earth to settle and take it as their home. Just as they got settled Oh decided to send a party invitation to his house on earth to one of his Boov friends. The only problem is, he also sends it to the Boov enemy; the Gorgs, by mistake. When the Boov realise that Oh is responsible, they run after him. Yet Oh escapes and goes on the run where he meets the young girl Tip. In this clip Captain Smek has caught Oh and is about to erase him for his mistake.


1. Accusation, The Accuser

Say: Captain Smek really accused Oh didn’t he?! He wanted to put all the blame on Oh. To accuse someone is to say that they are the one that has committed the crime or the bad action. The crime here was that Oh had invited the Boov enemy to a party. Oh had. It is horrible when someone accuses you of doing something, the worst thing is, when you have actually done it! The bible says that there is someone who accuses us too. The devil accuses us of our sin. He likes to remind us of the things that we have done wrong. The amazing thing is, that even though, like Oh, we have all done the wrong thing, we can remember that Jesus died and rose again so that we don’t need to be accused anymore. We are free of blame when we say yes to Jesus!


1. Have you ever been accused of doing something? How did it make you feel?

2. Do you ever feel like someone is accusing you? How does that feel?

3. Do you think Jesus accuses us? Why/why not?

4. How might Jesus’ actions actions change how we accuse others?

5. How might we protect ourselves from the enemy’s (devil’s) accusations?

2. Arrogance and Pride:

Say: Captain Smek was pretty arrogant in that clip, wasn’t he?! He didn’t give Oh a chance to speak, he thought he knew all the answers and was kind of showing off to the Boov. That kind of an attitude is quite arrogant and proud. Captain Smek knew that he had an important position, but he was enjoying looking big and impressive in front of the Boov and wanted to show everyone what he could do with his power. Do you think this is what God is like with His power? [get feedback] No, I don’t either.


1. What do you think God thinks of arrogance?

2. Do you think God is arrogant? Why/why not? (Was Jesus arrogant while he was on earth?)

3. How might we respond to arrogant people?

4. Can we stop ourselves from becoming arrogant? If so, how?

5. Rather than being arrogant, what should we be like?


3. Failure and Mistakes:

Say: Have you ever had someone that has reminded you of all your failures and mistakes over and over again, like Captain Smek just did with Oh? It feels horrible doesn’t it! We hate to be reminded of all our mistakes, because we didn’t mean to do them in the first place – that’s why they are mistakes! The cool thing is, that we can learn from our mistakes. We don’t have to simply keep making them over and over again. We can stop and think about what they might be teaching us. Is there something we need to change or start doing so that it doesn’t happen again? Do we need to get a friend to tell us when we are making the same mistakes? Mistakes don’t have to be a bad thing, as long as we do something about them.


1. What is the worst mistake you have ever made?

2. If you had the chance, what would you have done differently?

3. What do you think you have mostly learned from making mistakes?

4. Do you think sin is different to making a mistake? Why/why not?

5. How has God helped you with your mistakes?


4. Weaknesses:

Say: In that scene Captain Smek picked on Oh’s weaknesses. He only saw how Oh had made many mistakes, he didn’t look at the good things Oh had done or any of the strengths in his character. Sometimes we can feel like all we see in ourselves is weakness. Perhaps you’re struggling to see what you can do right or well. Yet God loves it when we are weak, because it is in our weakness that He is strong. You see, when we are weak we begin to rely on God, we know that we can’t do it on our own, so we keep asking God for help. He loves that! Rather than being upset about our weaknesses, we can hand them over to God and ask Him to make us strong as we serve Him.


1. What is your greatest weakness?

2. Do you think Jesus had weaknesses? Why/why not?

3. How might we give God our weaknesses and allow Him to use them?

4. When you feel like you are struggling with something, who do you tell and why?

5. Why do you think God cares about our weaknesses?

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