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The ‘Elisha and the Grizzlies’ Bible Story Poem is part of the ‘Gruesome and Gory Bible Story’ collection of poems written by Katy Hailes for children aged 7-11 years old. We love this poem and we hope you do too!


“Get out of here! Baldy!” They spat out this name.
As Elisha walked past, they had no shame.
Forty two boys, they had no fear.
They didn’t even wince for they hated the seer.
These impulsive young kids had no fear of God,
not even a little to give them a prod!
For fear is quite good if it stops us become
a repulsive young man or a girl who’s gruesome.
For fear stops us sticking our hand in a flame
so you have no excuse if you’ve done the same!
Now I’m not saying that fear is a good way to teach
Perfect love casts out fear, and it’s that that I preach.
But When you love someone, you fear letting them down
You love them so much, you don’t want them to frown.
Now these kids didn’t love and did not understand
So this was the way God chose to reprimand.
As Elisha then listened to all this abuse
He called for an animal- not a moose nor a goose
But the biggest of grizzlies that you’ve ever seen
Came out of the shadows to eat every teen
They ripped through those kids with their teeth through their flesh
To the bears they were yummy and tasty and fresh
And when they had finished by licking their lips
They’d eaten the boys like devouring fish and chips
And though you might gasp out with horror and disgust
There’s one thing you should know, yes, really you must!
In those days to disrespect your elders like that
Was not something that could be ignored or laughed at.
It was the most vile thing a child could do.
Your elders deserved honour and a thank you from you.
The prophet was the only one who would hear from God
So you wouldn’t dare gossip or laugh, wink and nod
For you’d know that your God, He is powerful and real
And more than capable to turn you into a beast’s meal
Of course that’s the same now in this day and age
Though you won’t get the same kind of anger or rage
For God gave us Jesus to settle our sin
So you can now relax and don’t have to look grim
For God showed His love for us there on that cross
To take away our sin and all of our dross
But I’m sure that if you’ve ever been bullied or called names
It’s not something fun, but it’s dirty mean games
So remember that though Jesus, he does forgive
It’s better if people do not have to live
For the rest of their days with the words that we’ve said
Rattling around and bashing in their head
So make sure you pray and ask God to help you
Speak words that are good, honourable and true
Now, when you say something you know you regret
Make sure to ask their forgiveness; do not forget.
And watch out, if you ever happen to see a big bear
Just smile, even wink, but please, do not stare!

© Katy Hailes



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