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The ‘Haman: The Creepiest Creep’ Bible Story Poem is part of the ‘Gruesome and Gory Bible Story’ poem collection. We hope your 7-11 year olds love them!


Haman was the creepiest creep

That you have ever met.

He hatched a plan to kill the Jews

Every man, wife, child and pet.


King Xerxes was a silly king

He made his wife a crown

When drunk he threw a party

Her invite she turned down.


“He’ll have to find a new queen”

His advisors all agreed.

Queen Vashti: never seen again

A new queen they would need.


Esther was a beauty

An orphan and a Jew.

Mordecai like a father –

Her own she never knew


Through all the land the soldiers

Came marching in the homes

And grabbing all the girls; their stuff,

Their clothes, their shoes, their combs.


Esther was took! Oh what a sad scene!

I’m sure you would agree.

Spent months and months in queen school

Til Xerxes she did see.


They taught her how to be queen

They splashed her with perfume

She asked them what the King would like

They led her to a room.


Xerxes saw the beauty

in Esther’s bright young eyes

Forced to try to whoo him

Her faith she did disguise.


Mordecai had told her,

“Don’t tell him you’re a Jew!”

Esther thought and then agreed

“Obey you? I will do.”


Xerxes made her Queen E

The other girls did cry.

Esther lived in splendour

Mordecai waved goodbye.


Now Haman was king’s general,

So upon the streets each time

Mordecai was supposed to bow.

And he didn’t – it was a crime.


But Mordecai was a hero

He’d saved the good king’s life.

Haman was just angry!

He told his mean cruel wife.


He built the gallows. Built them high!

He wanted all to see!

He’d string him up right by his neck

And watch him die with glee.


But God had bigger plans than that,

Oh Haman was a twit!

God you know has fun with us

He has a lot of whit!


Haman had now told the king

Of his big wicked plan

The king he’d listened and been fooled

By the creepy creep conman.


Haman penned a letter quick

He used the King’s own seal.

“I’ve set a date to kill the Jews

My dream is now made real!”


Mordecai was saddened

That soon they all would die.

He wrapped himself in sackcloth

The palace he walked by.


He sent a letter to the Queen,

“Have you heard the news?

Haman’s tricked the king and now

He wants to kill the Jews!


Esther you were sent here

For such a time as this.

It’s not so you can play queen

And live in lots of bliss!”


Esther read the letter.

She knew her day had come.

“I’ll pray and fast for three days

This life was once humdrum!”


The king could refuse! Her life she could lose!

The spectre he’d have to raise,

Oh what did she think and what did she feel

waiting those long three days?


“Though I may die, this life I will try,

To do the best I can!

To free my people from this mess

And Haman’s wicked plan.”


The time had come for Esther

To approach the king once more

His spectre he reached out to her

Queen Esther he did adore.


“Come to me for tea tonight

And bring your friend Haman”

Once they were there she asked again

As part of her game plan.


That night the king could not sleep,

He read the book of Law

He heard a name he recognised

“A hero!” he said with awe.


“What would you do for a hero?”

The king he asked Haman,

He dreamed the king would now reward,

Himself; the creep conman.


Oh what would he do? And what would he say?

This really was a treat!

Would he want money or would he want fame?

Well both would be quite neat!


Perhaps I’d like a new house

or maybe I’d like a cow,

He thought about it long and hard

And then he took a bow.


“I’d give him your great horse, Lord.

I’d give him your new robe.

I’d send a man to scream and shout

To shout all round the globe.


‘This is the man the king has picked

To celebrate and honour

His name will be made famous yet,

His name they’ll cry and holler!’ “


“That’s great!” King cried, “Now you’re the One!

I’m sure you won’t quite mind.

Mordecai his name you’ll yell,

From left, right, front, behind!”


Haman could not believe the news!

He followed the Kings request

Mordecai was praised by all –

He’d never felt so blessed!


The night had come for Esther’s meal

The King he never knew

That Esther then would soon reveal

She really was a Jew.


“Good king you may not realise

This Haman is so feral!

His scheme will wipe my people out

My life is now in peril!


The king went out! He walked about

But Haman he did stay

He begged the Queen to save his life;

As hers he did Betray.


He fell on the couch that Esther was on

The King he was outraged

“Will he now try to kill my wife?

Is he just that deranged?”


The soldiers grabbed that vile man

They covered up his face

They did it swift they did it quick

As if it was a race.


“Haman has some gallows

Meant for Mordecai.

Hang this evil guy on it!”

The King at once did sigh.


Mordecai was given his job

In that you can believe!

Haman, no one thought about

And not one man did grieve.


No more were Jews in danger

Their lives had all been saved.

The country could now live in peace

The people cheered and waved.


So what’s this story all about?

You may begin to think,

Not just that killing can be quick

Or land you in the clink.


The meaning is much more than that;

So listen in now please.

Make sure you’re ready, sit up straight,

Your mind we will appease.


God’s purpose is big! It’s not just for you!

You’re blessed for others too.

What you’ve been given, share about,

It’ll change your whole world view!


God will lead you! Just obey!

Your path to be unfurled

Don’t sit in your own comfort zone!

Get out and change the world!



©Katy Hailes

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