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A rich man lived in luxury

In all the finest clothes

A poor man on his doorstep 

Wore nothing on his toes.

Lazarus the poor man

Lived with horrid sores

Looking at the rich mans food

From all the way outdoors.

He longed to eat just one bite

To calm his hunger down

Dogs would come and lick his sores

And he would sigh and frown.


One day Lazarus just died 

And angels carried him

The rich man then died also 

But went to some place grim.

The rich man soon saw Abraham

With Lazarus in his arms 

“Have mercy on me Abraham!”

He then turned on his charms.

“send Lazarus to cool my tongue

I am in so much pain!”

The rich man was so selfish 

And really very vain.

“My child do you remember

The good things in your life?

Abraham reminded him

Of Lazarus’ pain and strife.

“There is a great big pit

That lies between us now

There is no way to cross it

There’s No way and no how”.

The rich man cried in anguish

“My five brothers need to know!

Lazarus can warn them 

Please just let him go!”

“They have the law of Moses”

Abraham replied

The rich man shouted back to him

“Send someone who has died”.

“If someone soon came back to life

My brothers would all see

And they would never join me 

They’d forever live happily!”

Abraham looked at the rich man

And he said so clear

“If they don’t listen to Moses 

I’m afraid they will never hear”.

If anyone came back to life

Your brothers wouldn’t change

They have the law and prophets

Their lives haven’t rearranged.

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