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This poem is part of the ‘Gruesome and Gory Bible Story’ collection of poems for 7-11 year olds. We hope your kids love it!




The Tower of Babel they gave it a label

as no doubt you have heard.

It started out a masterpiece,

then ruined with just a word.


They built it fast, they built it tall,

as one they did unite.

The building went up to the sky

and not one man did fight.


The world talked in one language,

it was easy to understand.

No one was left confused at all.

They all worked hand in hand.


Not one man fell to his demise

as the tower they all built.

It didn’t tumble, rock or sway,

and there’s no mention that it tilt.


Perhaps they wanted to be God?

It seems they wanted fame.

But God would show them who was boss.

It was almost like a game!


He went down and confused them all.

They couldn’t understand,

why someone seemed to come from Greece

and another from Iceland.


One was shouting “Oui, Bonjour!”

Another yelled out “ciao”.

One was smiling “si señor”.

Another gawped out “wow!”


The people were all scattered then.

Their city never made.

Throughout the world they went and lived,

from town to town they strayed.


But why on earth did all this happen?

I’m sure you’re asking why.

I’m afraid I can’t explain it all

or that would be a lie.


But this is what I know for sure,

it really is child’s play.

Make sure you go to God before

whatever you do and pray.


Don’t let your pride take you too high

but make sure to know your worth.

Don’t try to show God how it’s done

or He’ll bring you down to earth!



©Katy Hailes 2017. All rights reserved.

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