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The ‘Twelve Spies in Canaan’ Bible Story Poem is part of the ‘Gruesome and Gory Bible Story’ collection of poems for 7-11 year olds written by Katy Hailes.


Eye spy with my beady eye.
Twelve men creeping
But who knows why?

Sneaking, snooping and spotting a giant
These twelve men must have
been defiant.

Prying, perusing and peeking to see,
They detected some items
their eyes filled with glee.

Grapes so big they’d crush your head
If they had fallen on you while
you slept in your bed.

Imagine you’re taking just one juicy bite,
Then you can’t help from eating
from morning til night!

But one thing made these twelve men gulp
Giants so big they’d be beat
to a pulp!

In Canaan these twelve men went to spy
But when they came back
they weren’t telling a lie:

Giants and grapes so whoppingly big,
They’d made them all feel
as small as a twig!

“We can’t go back!” Ten tiny men wined.
The problems weren’t what they had
in mind.

‘We’re as small as grasshoppers’ they did say;
‘Compared to the giants!’ they claimed
in dismay.

But two men knew that they could win
And take the land when
they walked in.

They knew it was their Promised Land
a place that God gave
by command.

They tried to tell the rest of the guys
that it didn’t matter
about their size.

Joshua and Caleb both could see
with vision and
great clarity.

They understood that, though quite small,
With God on their side they were
infinitely tall!

It would have been great if Moses had seen;
They’d have entered Canaan
as if in a dream.

But Moses could not understand
And would not let them
take the land.

The people of Israel roamed forty years
It could have been shorter
if they’d faced their fears.

And trusted God that He could do
impossible things because
He’s super powerful too!

God is bigger than the biggest giant
He’s breathtakingly big
and self reliant.

So if there’s someone that has taken your land
or your peace of mind
or your joy, understand:

That though you may not know what to do
Listen to God and do all
He asks of you.

And you won’t have to wait forty years
And you’ll see a breakthrough
and move past your fears.

Then you’ll wander why you ever dismayed
Because you’ll know that with God
there’s no need to be afraid.

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