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'Adam and Eve Hide From God' Printable Coloring SheetThe ‘Adam and Eve Hide’ Printable Coloring Sheet is a visual for children to think about what it meant for Adam and Eve to hide from God. You can talk about sin and its consequences as a result of using this printable.

Adam and Eve were told not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. When they gave in to temptation they suddenly realized that they were naked. They had disobeyed God.

This printable provides an opportunity to address issues such as shame and guilt with children. Children understand what it means to do things wrong. We don’t have to teach children to do wrong; it’s in our nature.

You can use this printable as part of a Sunday School session on Adam and Eve or guilt and shame.

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  1. When was the last time you did something you knew was wrong?
  2. What happens when we do wrong things?
  3. Why did Adam and Eve hide from God?
  4. Do you ever want to hide from God? Why?
  5. What were the consequences for Adam and Eve’s sin?


'Adam and Eve Hide' Printable Coloring Sheet

Click here for the ‘Adam and Eve Hide’ Printable Coloring Sheet

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