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The ‘Adam and Eve Leave’ printable coloring sheet is a fantastic visual for children to remember how Adam and Eve’s sin had consequences.

Adam and Eve were tempted into eating from the tree that God had said not to eat from. They disobeyed a direct command from their Father God. This was a serious sin. The account of Adam and Eve hiding from God reminds each one of us that our disobedience has consequences.

Children will enjoy coloring this fun printable as they discuss with you the reasons why Adam and Eve were hiding from God.


  1. What did Adam and Eve do with God’s gift of the garden?
  2. Why was God not pleased with Adam and Eve?
  3. What did Adam and Eve do when they realized they had disobeyed God?
  4. Did God know where Adam and Eve were?
  5. Why did Adam and Eve hide?
  6. How can we sometimes hide from God?
  7. What can we do instead of hiding from God?


'Adam and Eve Leave the Garden' Printable Coloring Page

Click here for the ‘Adam and Eve Leave the Garden’ Printable Coloring Page

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