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'Adam and Eve' Printable Coloring SheetThe ‘Adam and Eve’ Printable Coloring Sheet will help you to discuss creation with your children. You could also use this sheet to speak to your kids about the consequences of giving into temptation.

The sheet shows the serpent tempting Eve to eat the fruit, whilst Eve is passing the fruit on to Adam.

If you’re looking for a clear picture that young children will understand, this is the printable for you! Children can color the printable as you discuss the Bible story with them.

To help you talk about this Bible story you could use the Bible passage itself. The Childrens International Version is one of the best versions for children. You can find the account in Genesis 3.


  1. Who were Adam and Eve?
  2. Who created Adam and Eve?
  3. Where did Adam and Eve live?
  4. What did God tell Adam and Eve not to do?
  5. How did Adam and Eve respond?
  6. What can we learn from Adam and Eve?
  7. Did Adam and Eve handle temptation well? What would you do differently?


You can view more printables on our printables page.


'Adam and Eve' Printable Coloring Sheet

Click here for the ‘Adam and Eve’ Printable Coloring Sheet

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