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When your children first see this printable they may think… That’s impossible to color! It definitely is a challenge! Yet if they continue to color they will find that it isn’t only possible, it teaches something too! The intricate ‘All Things are Possible’ coloring page will be lots of fun for your kids to color in – or why not give it a go yourself?!

This printable is a coloring sheet that will keep your kids busy while you explain that God can do anything. All things are possible with God! Although things might seem impossible, they are not. All things are possible with God!

Song Ideas:

  1. ‘All Things are Possible’ by Hillsong Kids
  2. ‘Nothing is Impossible’ by Planetshaker Kids


  1. Name a few things that are impossible.
  2. Have you ever seen anyone do the impossible?
  3. Has God ever done anything impossible in your life?
  4. How does it make you feel to know that God can do the impossible?
  5. What impossible things would you like God to do in your life?


'All Things are Possible' Printable

Click here for the ‘All Things are Possible’ Printable



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